Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hello there! Long time no update, like over a year! Well some things have changed some have stayed the same 

Kennedy just turned three years old! She wanted a Ninja Turtle birthday party and got great mix of "boy" toys and "girl" toys. She loves her Super Heroes, baby dolls, and tea party toys. 

My hair went short
It went purple

Now it is getting longer, finally! I am tempted to cut it all the time. And by longer, I mean the shortest bob possible. 

I turned 30 in January and I did accomplish some of the items on my to do list. These are the ones that actually were accomplished:

4. Get pregnant again.  Yes, also right around my 30th birthday, I got pregnant! I am due at the end of October. I have very excited to find out the sex in May sometime.

8. Finish cosmetology school

10. Cut down on sugar intake. Now that I am pregnant, I am definitely eating more sugar, but I did cut it out a lot for a while and lost some weight.

14. Stick to a budget, be realistic. We are doing a bit better at this. We haven't been using our credit cards as much, but they did not get payed off or anything.

16. Go on a vacation (or staycation). Last May for the Phoenix Comicon we stayed at the Hyatt across the street. It was awesome, and we got to see some celebrities who were also staying in the hotel. 

19. Lose at least four dress sizes. Wel this didn't happen, but I have lost 30 lbs. Which is what I attribute to helping me get pregnant! I did not change pant size at all! They are all lose and baggy in the butt and lower stomach area, but not falling off.

21. Try a class at the gym. I did a Zumba class!!!! It was hard and awesome.

25. Potty train Kennedy. She is totally potty trained, except we have to help her take off her pants and wipe her and everything. 

28. Grow something edible and keep it alive. This is in the process. I have a tomato plant, with lots of green tomatoes, waiting for a hint of red!

30. Finish my two year degree (I only need one class!). Done! I actually got two degrees, and AA and a AGEC.

Thanks for reading my update! Hopefully I won't go so long again with no update.