Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cadence Quinn. A birth story

     Well I finally gave birth at 41 weeks and one day; on November 5th at 3:15 am. I thought I would share my birth story. On Monday 11/4 I had a midwife appt and had my membranes swept (for the third week in a row). I went and got my haircut which was nice to feel pretty! I had a few contractions and cramping throughout the day, but I did the other times I had my membranes swept so I didn't think anything of it. I was actually scheduled to be induced the next morning, so my mom came on Monday evening to pick up my daughter, Kennedy, for a couple nights. Brad and I watched some TV and it actually stormed a bit at our house, heavy rain and thunder and lightening. 
     We went to bed around 10:00 and as usual Brad fell asleep right away. I started feeling more contractions so I got up and used the medicine ball for some relief. I started timing my contractions at 11:24 pm and the first two were about 8 minutes apart but about 20 minutes later they were already 3-4 minutes apart. I called my sister to come over and give us a ride to the hospital. I woke up Brad and he was very surprised!
     We got to the hospital around 12:30, and had to wait in the waiting room for about ten minutes. Then we got up to triage. My wonderful midwife, Tiffany, came in on her day off just for me! She checked me and I was already dilated between 4 and 5 cm. They were setting up my room and tub. I was definitely moaning loudly through the contractions and was already wavering on wanting an epidural. My last birth was 18 hours long and I did not want that again without an epidural!
     I got to my room and got right in the tub. The contractions seemed only like a minute apart but I have no idea. I was in there for a little bit and finally said that I wanted an epidural. They attached the iv fluids to my hep lock on my hand while I was still in the tub. Then I got out of the tub and into the bed. Then I started pushing a bit. My midwife said that there was no time for the epidural!
     I kept pushing and my water broke on its own. I remember at my last birth, pushing felt like such a relief, this time, not so much. It hurt the whole time no matter what I was doing. I was in the bed and turned to get on my hands and  knees, which felt a little better. I pushed for what felt like only 15 minutes and felt her head coming out. I know it was pretty fast because Tiffany and the nurses were scrambling to set things up and Tiffany even said something like, "Whoa, I better get my gloves on!"
     I pushed out her head, and I think the cord was around her neck once so I was told to push harder to get her out and then I pushed her the rest of the way out. Brad got to see all that, he said it was crazy and he was surprised how much other liquid comes out too, lol. Tiffany handed her to me between my legs and then I turned over. 
     I did need a few stitches. Cadence was born with her hand in front of her face and that tore me up a little bit; and caused some bruising on her face. It is eight days later and I feel pretty good, no more pain really. I only ever used Ibuprofen as pain relief.
     She was born at 3:15 am Tuesday morning, so I was only in labor for FOUR HOURS! It was very painful with a lot of screaming, but I am very thankful for the short labor. 
     Cadence is a pretty easy baby so far. Already at a week old she has one sleep period of about six to seven hours, usually around 9pm - 3am. Then shorter naps and is awake for a few hours in the afternoon. She definitely looks just like Brad right now and I can't wait for a few weeks as she grows into her looks and I get to see more of myself in her. So in love!