Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Young Folks

By Peter Bjorn and John.

Wow, I adore this song. Here is a list
synchronized dancing
Duet (girl and guy)

If a song (or video) has one, or many, of these features, there is a %90 chance I will like it. When it comes to the singing voice of a band I can't really describe what I like.
Bands who's voice I like:
The Knife
Camera Obscura
Peter Bjorn and John
Tilly and the Wall
Arcade Fire

I can only think of one band right now that I don't like, only because of the voice: Death Cab for Cutie. I should love them, but I just don't like the lead singer's voice.

If I could give you one piece of advice, check out Camera Obscura. They are amazing!

Monday, October 16, 2006


So, I have been going to the gym. At least 4 times a week. For joining my gym, I got two personal training sessions. I went to my first one yesterday. Ouch! I guess when I was working out on my own I was not pushing myself hard enough. After he was done with me I could barely life my arms. He pushed my so hard that my face started twitching as I tried to get those weights up just one more time.

There is something that annoys me that I have run into with two different trainers I've talked to there: the meal replacement pushing. I try to eat natural foods as much as possible. I know calories are king, but I still think its better to eat 500 calories worth of strawberries than 300 calories worth of pork rinds. My body knows how to digest natural foods better and I will get more nutrients. The trainer didn't seem to care and just kept telling me to buy meal replacement shakes. Not going to happen.

I don't think I've really lost any weight, but I do feel a shift in the way my fat is proportioned and my confidence is already greater. I am feeling great!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Why you gotta be hatin'?

Reading Dooce.com is what got me into reading blogs, I became obsessed with reading her archives so that I could get up to date. It was amazing to watch her go from a single girl in LA to having a baby with a great guy. I don't think there has been one post I have not liked. Her writing can be hilarious and touching in the same post.

I never knew there was such dooce haters out there. I know from her posts that some unintelligent people have sent more than a few mean emails, but I never knew that there were other bloggers who did.

She is going through something hard and deserves support. If you don't like her, why do you know so much about her life? Have you been secretly reading her blog? When I find a blog I don't enjoy, I stop reading it. And that's it.

P.S. Leave Leta out of it.

To give background on what I am talking about, see the original Dooce post and then some of the backlash.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fatty McFatterson

I joined a gym today! I am so happy that I am actually working towards something that I have wanted for years. Anyone can tell that I am overweight, but I don't think it looks like I am extremely obese. Thankfully my fat deposits evenly over my whole body and I look completely symmetrical. I still have an hourglass figure and a smaller weight so I think that detracts from me looking completely fat.

Or I could just be deluding myself and I actually do look totally obese and no one has ever told me.

Ever since high school Amber and I have always been, "next summer we will be in bikinis!" But we never reached that goal. This time I want to strive for smaller goals so that each time I reach it, I feel great. Right now I would be ecstatic to be back in a size 16. My mom, who has lost weight recently, said to reward yourself after each 10 lbs. I will definitely be doing that.

I remember hearing Dr. Drew, from Loveline, comment that the #1 reason people finally decide to lose weight is because they felt disgusted with themselves. I am at that point. I am disgusted by my body and my lack of energy and my low self confidence.

Deep down I am an out going person but I don't show it because I am afraid of being judged because of my body. I want to be confident and strong (literally) and I want my outer beauty to match what I am on the inside.