Wednesday, August 03, 2011

30 Before 30

I am 28 right now. Instead of 29 before 29, I am doing 30 before 30, so that gives me a year and a half to accomplish these goals

30 before 30

1. Get another tattoo
2. Go on a family bike ride (seems like a small thing, but we need another bike and a trailer in order for it to happen!)
3. Maintain a exercise routine
4. Get pregnant again!
5. Do a craft a month AT LEAST!
6. Pay off credit cards
7. Save $1000 emergency fund
8. Finish cosmetology school
9. Get a great job that I love
10. Cut down on sugar intake
11. Make enough things to actually sell at a craft fair.
12. Stop drinking regular soda
13. Take Kennedy on a nature adventure once a week (park, zoo…)
14. Stick to a budget, be realistic.
15. Make house cleaning schedule, stick to it.
16. Go on a vacation (or staycation).
17. Go north (Prescott/Flagstaff) one weekend (or once a month) this summer when it is really hot! 18. Have a date night at least once a month.
19. Lose at least four dress sizes.
20. Blog more, at least once a week.
21. Try a class at the gym
22. Go to a concert
23. Go to a play/musical
24. Go to a sporting event
25. Potty train Kennedy
26. List something on Etsy
27. Spray paint outdoor tables.
28. Grow something edible and keep it alive
29. Make and keep a new friend.
30. Finish my two year degree (I only need one class!).

The hard thing is, is that for most of these, I need money to accomplish them. Which is hard since we do not have a lot of income since Brad is still in school full time and I am just starting my career. But I will work hard to try to accomplish these goals!

Long awaited return

Hello there. Why yes it has been four months since my last post. Kennedy is 16 months old now and a full fledged toddler. She always has scratches and bruises because she is such an active explorer. She loves to dance and starts swaying and stomping her feet to any music that she hears.
She also has some sort of fauxhawk/mullet combo going on with her hair, I love it.

In April I FINALLY graduated cosmetology school and a month later I had my license and a month after that I got a job at Supercuts. I have been there now for two months. It is a great first job, it has really gotten my confidence level up with doing haircuts because on some days I do 12 haircuts in one day! I still need to work on getting through a haircut faster because I am such a perfectionist and I always check and recheck my blending. I would really like to find a job assisting or as a junior stylist somewhere, but I do not want to rent a station since I don't really have a clientele yet.

I am also trying to lose weight right now. I have lost ten pounds so far, within the last few weeks, so wish me luck on continued success.

I hope to post on here more, but we'll see! I am way better at reading blogs that writing on one it seems.