Monday, July 31, 2006

A friend of a friend

I don't really talk bad about people on here, so hopefully this doesn't bite me on my ass.

This weekend, the topic of Dane Cook came up between a friend and me. I said that he was very funny and, seeing as he has over 1 million myspace friends, many other people think so too. So my friend told me that this acquaintance of ours said something to the effect of, “Only jocks like Dane Cook, you can’t be in our scene if you like Dane Cook. He is only funny because he talks loud.” I am definitely paraphrasing here. When I first saw a Dane Cook DVD like 3 years ago, I laughed out loud. His topics related to me, as I’m sure it did with others my age. He talked about things most had experienced as child; communion, not talking to strangers, the Kool-aid guy busting through the wall, and the Speak and Spell that talked like the devil.

By “our scene” he meant the local punk rock scene because Brad and all of his friends are in local bands. Now, I really don’t consider most of the people we know to be punks, ourselves included. That is just the sound of their music and semi-lifestyle. Although I have been known to poke fun at the bro-dude jocks with their pink polo shirts and way too much testosterone, I never believe that they are all like that or that just because someone is dressed a certain way that they only like certain things. It really gets to me when people comment about their own group of friends and what they should and should not like. I think it is bull-shit to generalize like that. It is like saying everyone in our group must wear all-stars or must like The Ramones. It reminded me of when this hipster girl I knew said that she didn’t listen to a band she liked because they had become too famous. That is crap.

I think the definition of being cool is to like what you like, popular or not, and go with it. I always thought of true punks being a group that accepted anyone who didn’t fit the mold. You don’t have to have torn jeans, patches and an anarchist to be a punk. I wasn’t sure of this guy before, and now I definitely don’t appreciate his opinions. Next time he is around, I will have to put on my Spice Girls cd and wait for him to berate me for not being true to the "scene".

Friday, July 28, 2006

Job Hunt

I still don't know where I will be working this semester. I have to go down to working part time because of starting school full time, and my current job doesn't offer it. I have given my notice and my last day here will be August 18th. I work in a call center for a shipping company and have worked here for three years. I have worked here longer than any other place and it is my highest paying job. I am not looking forward to going back to $8-$10 dollars an hour. But it will be nice not have the stress.

I wouldn't mind working at Target, but I burned that bridge back in high school when I quit without telling them. I absolutely loved working at Target. I worked in Soft Lines, which is the clothing side of it. I didn't have to deal with a lot of customers and I did what I love to do all day; organize. I go to Target now and see that the clearance racks look like crap. There is no organization at all, not by size or style. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Who ever I am shopping with at the time has to stop me from straightening things up. I swear it is a sickness. Don't even ask me if I color code my closet.

Realistically, I am hoping to get a job either at Barnes & Noble or the local Public Library. Lets hope my crazy luck with jobs continue. I have had like two interviews in my life. I have always just been in the right place at the right time and jobs just come flying at me.

Movin' on up

We are moving in two weeks and I am very excited. Last year when I moved out of my Mom's I could fit everything in my Ford Ranger. I had a twin bed, a dresser, bedside table, a bookshelf full of books, a couple of boxes of memories, one lamp, and two bags of clothes. Now after living with Brad for a year we have three times that, enough to completely fill a two bedroom apartment.

Right now our apartment is in a great location, but it has no patio, no W&D, and no pets allowed. It is also very dark, since we have to keep the blinds closed to hide our illegal kitty. Since our rent was going to raise to $650 we decided to find something better because it wouldn't be that much more expensive. There didn't seem to be much left in Tempe that wasn't turning in to condos or that actually had a washer/dryer, but we actually found a place. It is a place where we already have friends that live there, and we are actually going to be only a building away from them.

We get 100 more square feet, another bathroom, a washer/dryer, a patio, kitty friendly, more sunshine, and about 200 feet away from a grocery store and a Target. This is all for $100 more a month and only a couple miles from our old place. Since I've seen the layout I have been dreaming of the furniture arrangments. I am looking forward to this fall when all the windows will be open, the sun streaming in, a breeze blowing through the house, me reading on the couch eating grapes and my cats (we hope to get another one) bird watching in the windows.

This will be the first place that Brad and me have lived in without a roommate, even though the roommate has been gone for 10 months. I am excited to start building a home with Brad. I am thankful for hand me down dishes and furniture, but i want to start buying things that are not just good for right now and more good for the long haul.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Candace!

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Tomorrow is my sister's 21st birthday. To celebrate (humiliate), I decided to post baby pictures of her on the internet. This will prove how much I lurv her. Have fun Candace, but not too much!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Top Ramen

Today I burnt my thumb while making Top Ramen in the microwave at work. I feel a little stupid since I have been making this since I was 8, but I never use the microwave to make it so I was caught off guard.

I think there are two types of people, the ones who microwave and don't measure the water while making top ramen and the ones that actually follow the directions. I am in the latter camp. Every time I think I can just fill up the pan until it looks right, I get scared.

"What if it is too salty or too watered down?!"

So I get out the measuring cup and put in two cups of water and wait for it to boil and then put the noodles in (half crushed up). Then about two minutes later I take it off the heat and add the seasoning. I think that one reason I get worried about the broth is because I actually like the broth. I think those people are weird who pour it out.

Intead of going through the anxiety, now I just let Brad make it, he uses the stove but doesn't measure out the water or wait for it to boil before putting in the noodles, but it always tastes great. Lately we have even been pouring out some of the broth and adding tomato juice. Try it, it's good!

p.p.s. I can't believe I just posted about Top Ramen

Friday, July 14, 2006

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams - VMA kiss

Have I ever told you how much I love The Notebook? Or that much to Brad's dislike, I can watch it over and over again, and cry every time? I am in love with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, their characters in the movie, and the fact that they are together in real life.

Side Note: I cannot believe their kiss was compared to those other shitty ones! I could totally tell that Jennifer Garner was not into the girl on girl thing.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Shape Up!

So, I have a subscription to SHAPE magazine. Don't ask me why, I do nothing other than look through it, think about getting up to exercise, and then turn House Hunters. But this last month's issue had a great idea that I thought I should mention.

I know everyone likes to watch tv or listen to music while exercising, but one SHAPE success story mentioned how she always listened to books on her Ipod. That is something I could get into. Unless it is something I can continously sing too, I lose interest in listening to music while exercising. But concentrating on a book's plot would keep me from looking at the clock every 15 seconds.

So that's it, I need and Ipod and I will be skinny! Amber, we will be able to wear bikinis next summer like we've been promising for 8 years!

Mr. Barnes

When we are at the grocery store and I scan my Safeway Club card, but then Brad pays, they always call him Mr. Barnes. Then we look at each other akwardly because we don't know if we should correct them, because they really don't care. I find it kind of endearing, only because I think it makes Brad feel weird.

I have to do that at my job on the phone, anyone that calls you must get their name and use it in the following sentence. I hate it though because when I call in somewhere and they say, "How can i help you Ms. Barnes" I get very annoyed. You don't know me, stop saying my name!!!!!! So I get uneasy because I have to use people's names while talking to them. I am scared that I will make a mistake and call a woman sir, or vice versa.

btw if you don't know me it might help to tell you that my last name is Barnes, but Brad's is not.

Note to Self

Shannon, why did you go to the mall yesterday? Do you not remember the last time you were there? You started crying because it was raining, and there were so many cars, and you could not find a parking place. Then Brad got frustrated and started getting angry. That is what happens, you see. When girls get frustrated they cry, but boys get angry and spit when they talk.

But yesterday you actually did find a place to park outside of Ross, you went and ate at Sbarro's and it was pretty good. But you only went there because you were going to go see Pirate's of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which you don't even want to see that much but it is the only thing playing that you are willing to see. There is no way you are going to see Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties, you didn't even see the first one.

So you finished eating and went to buy tickets and they were sold out! So you went to Old Navy and spent money you don't have. The only redeeming thing about the trip is that you got a little exercise. Basically you wasted two hours circumventing all the hood/mall rats.

You are never to go to the mall ever again on a weekend. EVER!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The most beautiful games

I used to play these games all the time a few years ago, and I cam across them again at Defective Yeti. They are the prettiest games I have ever seen. You will know what I mean....

Very Smart, but time consuming

This is a link showing a link to something amazing. I love kitties!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Teen Witch

Wow. I love this movie.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Pandora's Box

My best friend Amber's boyfriend Marc wants to name his future daughter Pandora, which to me just brings up many, many jokes about her box. But here is a good Pandora:

It is a place to creat your own radio station. You tell them what you like and that's what it plays. It is pretty much like Yahoo Launch Radio, but this has really good audio quality and no skipping which is what i always had a problem with on Yahoo. Check it out.

Never gonna grow up

I must admit, I love tween/teen movies and books. Everytime I go to Barnes and Noble you will probably find me in the Juvenile Fiction section. Books like A Great and Terrible Beauty, Gossip Girl, Melanie Martin goes to Spain, anything Lois Lowry, and all the classics.

The latest movie that I rented was Aquamarine. I loved it. It made me cry and laugh. Ok, yes it had a stupid joke about a shell phone, but it was still cute. Emma Roberts is going to be effing gorgeous. I wish I was a mermaid, I always have ever since The little Mermaid.

Don't try to tell me you didn't put your legs together and swim like a mermaid/dolphin when you swam, because I still do sometimes.


I never really watched the Superman movies when i was a kid. Therefore I never understood why people liked Christopher Reeves, I never thought he was attractive. Then when Brad and I first started dating, we watched Superman (to bond through our geekiness). Finally I understood, Christopher Reeves is soooo charismatic. I felt myself wanting to be Lois Lane.

Well I felt that again last week when i saw Superman Returns. When watching the commercials I did not think that Brandon Routh was that attractive, but during the movie I told Brad that I was in love with this Superman and wanted to have his babies.

Dental Troubles

If you are ever at the dentist getting a deep scraping cleansing, which includes shots of Novocain, and you can see in your peripheral vision a reflection of your mouth in the dentist’s goggles, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT IT. It really grossed me out to see my mouth violated like that. Afterwards, I really did not want to eat. My mouth was perfectly clean and anything I did from that point on would just mess it up. Thankfully I am really keeping up with my brushing and flossing. I am probably going to lose my insurance soon and I really want to keep all my teeth for as long as possible.