Monday, December 31, 2007


Brad and I got engaged on Christmas Eve! Brad drew a comic about it for all to enjoy:

50 Most Loathsome People

The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2007

The best one:

9. You

Charges: You believe in freedom of speech, until someone says something that offends you. You suddenly give a damn about border integrity, because the automated voice system at your pharmacy asked you to press 9 for Spanish. You cling to every scrap of bullshit you can find to support your ludicrous belief system, and reject all empirical evidence to the contrary. You know the difference between patriotism and nationalism -- it's nationalism when foreigners do it. You hate anyone who seems smarter than you. You care more about zygotes than actual people. You love to blame people for their misfortunes, even if it means screwing yourself over. You still think Republicans favor limited government. Your knowledge of politics and government are dwarfed by your concern for Britney Spears' children. You think buying Chinese goods stimulates our economy. You think you're going to get universal health care. You tolerate the phrase "enhanced interrogation techniques." You think the government is actually trying to improve education. You think watching CNN makes you smarter. You think two parties is enough. You can't spell. You think $9 trillion in debt is manageable. You believe in an afterlife for the sole reason that you don't want to die. You think lowering taxes raises revenue. You think the economy's doing well. You're an idiot.

Exhibit A: You couldn't get enough Anna Nicole Smith coverage.

Sentence: A gradual decline into abject poverty as you continue to vote against your own self-interest. Death by an easily treated disorder that your health insurance doesn't cover. You deserve it, chump.

Friday, December 21, 2007


This has been the longest week ever! Since school is out, I have had to work a forty hour week instead of my usual twenty. I know I shouldn't complain because most everyone works a forty hour week, but it really sucks. By 3:30 my back aches and I am ready for a nap. I'm not even looking forward to this weekend much, I just want it to be Monday.

I do have to work on Monday, but it shouldn't be too busy. Then Christmas Eve we will spend the night at my Mom's house and have early Christmas morning there, then drive to my Dad's. Then straight from there we are driving to Taos, NM to visit Brad's Mom. We are staying there until the 30th. I am really excited for this trip. I have been in snow after it is packed, but I really don't think I have been in snow while it is falling. I remember in first grade it snowed here in phoenix, but melted right when it touched the ground.

On New Years it will be Brad and I's three year anniversary. I am so happy with him!


It disgusts me that the government lets things like this go unpunished.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Climate Change

very smart video. Watch it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Babies!

Well, there are two new babies in my life.

My roommate had her baby boy two months early on the morning of November 27. He is doing really well, but will probably be in the hospital for the next month or so while he gains weight. I can't wait for him to come home!

My other closest girlfriend had her second baby boy on Monday (only five days early). This is the first birth I have ever seen, and I thought it was amazing. I cried of course. Her family was home by the next day, and the new big brother is still trying to adjust, but he is doing a great job.

I love both of these families and I can't wait to start my own!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When did we become like Syria?

This makes me angry and sad that this happened to this man.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fat Rant - Confessions of the Compulsive

Oh this is awesome. This first page of comments are great but seeing some of the previous comments (mean and unintelligent), it seems many people missed the meaning. She is not saying, "We are all fat just because of our genes!" She is saying that overeating cannot be treated like other addictions or compulsions because as humans we can never stop eating or we die. So yes, the girl who pulls out all her hair, or a crack addict, or a cutter could be cured with therapy and just stopping the behavior. But an overeater can never stop eating, so it should be treated differently.
Also, if you have read any of the recent health studies or fat acceptance blogs you will see what we are trying to convince the public of is that being fat is no less healthy than being thin. A new study shows that the best weight is at the BMI of 25 or 26, which according to the bullshit scale (which doesn't account for age by the way) is overweight. So "professionals" were wrong, being at a 18 or 19 BMI is not healthiest for you.
Just because I am fat doesn't mean I am unhappy, or lazy, or an overeater, or unhealthy, and most importantly I deserve just as many rights and respect as thin people.
If you feel you need to lose weight just to fit into society, perhaps you should try changing society instead.

Persons who don't like or respect fat people or treat them like lesser humans, I see them the same way I see racists and homophobics.

The Anticlause

My boyfriend and his friends made this years ago. If you have eight minutes and fifty-one seconds, watch it. Especially because the Holidays are coming, it will really get you in the mood.

Also, my boyfriend did the music. If you can't tell, they didn't add the music during editing, but had Brad standing there behind the camera playing his guitar. So awesomely funny.

If you have another chance, watch Zomburrito also.

P.S. If you don't like swearing, don't watch this. There are a few f*bombs in there.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Burt's Bees Sells Out

Damn it!

Burt's Bees has been bought by Clorox, of all companies. I will no longer be buying any of their products.


Although I can't find the original post I read about this, you can see it on the Burt's Bees website here.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Red Paperclip

This ended over a year ago, but I just heard about it now. Check this out.

A guy from Canada used the internet to trade a single red paper clip for a house. It took 16 trades, including a handmade doorknob, a beer keg, a snow mobile, and an evening with Alice Cooper, but he received a house and has been living there for a year.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


If you have seen the video Shoes, this becomes even better than it already is. I wonder if any of these girls are in roller derby because they sure look like it.

Also, if you have never seen Slither, you should totally rent it. It has become one of my favorite horror movies ever.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I work pretty close to the zoo. So much so that some mornings you can smell the animals' poop. Today was the first time though that I heard something roaring. It was pretty amazing.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rental House

Originally uploaded by flyabuv
Well we found a house to rent. We will be moving in on Sept 28 so we can use that weekend to move. I found out today that a coworker lives on the same street, so we already know some neighbors!

Click on the pic to see more photos.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


School school school school school. That is what my life is about right now. Oh, and trying to find a house to rent. It pretty much sucks.

But I wanted to say something. I watched Kujo for the first time last night; and I have to say that, although I did jump, it was pretty much one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. I was almost sobbing at parts. If you are a mother of a young child, I would not suggest watching it. I was kept crying for the dog while it was going crazy because of rabies. So sad.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jurassic Park Series

If I ever come across Jurassic Park on T.V., say on TNT or AMC, I have to watch it (the same for Independence Day also). I have seen the movie so many times; but I can watch it over and over again. Well I finally bought the three pack DVD that includes Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and Jurassic Park III.

We watched Jurassic Park on Sunday and then The Lost World last night. God, The Lost World has some really stupid moments. My favorite being the pterodactyls at the end. Yes, dinosaurs that can fly will never get off the island! See here for some other funny plot holes.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh Em Gee


Ever since I saw this teaser trailer attached to Transformers, Brad and I have been so excited. Brad loves any monster movie and has probably seen just about every Godzilla franchise movie. I have loved J.J. Abrams from Felicity to Lost.

I hope this movie doesn't let me down.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Major crushes

To me it has never been so much about over all good looks, but my crush must have that certain something. Right now it is a wonderful voice with a British accent and over the age of 45. Here are the men I become giddy over right now:

1. Gary Oldman. Especially in Harry Potter, The Scarlett Letter, and Dracula.

2. Liam Neeson. Is it creepy that I was most attracted to him while watching Schindler's List?

3. Alan Rickman. He plays Professor Snape, um, enough said. I can't find a very good picture of him, it is more the way he is on screen; and his voice. God, it gives me goosebumps!

4. Hugh Laurie. So sarcastic, and he also has a great voice.

What I find interesting is that 1 and 2 were in Batman Begins together; 2 and 3 were in Love Actually together; 1 and 3 were in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban together; and 3 and 4 were in Sense and Sensibility together. No wonder I love all of those movies.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Candace!

My little sister turned 22 today. Last year I posted pictures of her as a kid on my Flickr. They are still on there if you would like to see them.

In our family, on our birthday's, we go to a restaurant with my Dad, and for dinner with my Mom, she makes any thing you want.

So Saturday night we went dinner at Red Lobster. I know my sister likes it there, but I think she chooses it mostly for me. I love Red Lobster. I worked there for over a year and I still love it.

Then last night we went to dinner at my Mom's house. We went swimming, and my Mom made spaghetti pie and dump cake. Spaghetti pie is spaghetti with about a pound of cheese mixed in and then baked. It is something my Grandma used to make and my sister loves it.

You may know the desert, dump cake, by other names. You dump a can of cherry pie filling and a can of crushed pineapple in to a rectangle pan. Then cover that with a bag of dry yellow cake mix. Then you cut a stick of butter into thin slices and cover the top. Then bake it at 350 degrees for 45 min to an hour, it should be golden and bubbly. It is super sweet, but so easy and delicious.

Thankfully there was so much food last night that both my sister and I were able to take home left overs. I am eating some right now. hmmmmm

Monday, July 23, 2007

That one movie with Sigourney Weaver

Something that I find so funny is when characters on a T.V. show are trying to figure out a movie and one of the characters was in that movie.

Probably because then I can show off my mad movie game skills. The movie game (yes a very original title I know) is like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. With a group of people, one person starts by naming a movie; then the next person names a actor in that movie; then the next person names another movie that that person is in and so on. You can't do repeats. If someone doesn't know another actor or movie, they can challenge and that last person to answer must know another actor or movie. If they don't, then they are out; if they do then the person who challenged is out.

I could always play with my movie theater friends because we were all movie dorks. But when I play with my friends now (most of whom are guys) they always name 80s wrestling stars or action movies. Those are my only weakness!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter

My friends and I had pre-ordered our books at Barnes and Noble. After waiting until after midnight there and realizing we would have to wait another hour or so because there was over 700 people there, we decided to leave. We drove to Wal-Mart and waited in line behind three people and had our book in about 5 minutes.

There were some teenagers at Barnes and Noble that had naughty shirt on. They said things like, "I gave Harry Potter Parsletongue", "If you be the beater, I'll be the keeper", and "My wand is 13 1/2 inches". They were funny.

I finished the book this morning at 2 am (or last night at 2 am?). I cried and cried and cried. And then cried some more this morning while telling Brad about what happens (he doesn't read the books). I love a lot about the closure, but I feel I needed more information about what happens to certain characters. There are some unexpected deaths and one that has really hit me hard.


I always believed in Snape. :*(

Friday, July 20, 2007

Hon Machi Sushi

mmmmmm, shushi!

Brad and I wanted to eat sushi last night, but we are also slightly broke trying to save for the move. Solution: Hon Machi. I first went to this place a few times with my friends Billy and Christy and loved it. Sure it does not have the fancy psuedo-Asian decorations like Ra or Kona Grill, but it also doesn't have their prices. Also those places are too loud and snooty. Hon Machi is very laid back, but it is also on a lake so you can see the water from wherever you sit. Those times we went with another couple, it was about $60 total.

But wait it gets better; Mon - Thurs from 5-7 pm, they have Happy Hour prices for drinks and certain rolls. Thankfully they are all my favorite rolls. So last night Brad and I ate way too much, 6 different rolls, which is about 40 - 50 pieces. Our total, not including tip was $25.01.

You should go there

P.S. If you like fabric, there is also a quilting store right next door to browse in afterwards.

Harry Potter

I told my boss that I may not be able to concentrate and may have to go home and take a sleeping pill and sleep until midnight. Otherwise, I may shout Harry Potter related things through out the day.

So. Excited.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not so secret shame

I am shamelessly stealing this idea from Gurg.

In 9th grade I had a secret. I tried to hide it from everyone except my close friends. I was trying to get in with the "cool" druggie kids (never happened). But I had to admit it when my friends found my "SPICE" ring. I loved the Spice Girls. This trend continued through out my young adult life. Around other people I would talk about the cool bands I like that were alternative and indie, but by myself I would listen to N'Sync and Britney Spears. Not to say I don't like indie music, I love it, I just love unoriginal pop music also. I just love music I can sing along with.

In the summer between junior and senior year, my friend Kerri and I made a dance to Digital Get Down by N'Sync. A choreographed dance. I was 17 years old!

Here are a couple songs that I love to sing along with and I am no longer ashamed to admit it.

Here are two awesome newer songs that I hope will make up for the above ones.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tiny annoyance

I use the text messaging feature where the phone knows what I'm trying to type. For years I didn't use this because I didn't understand it, and was therefore scared of it. Now I love it but I get really annoyed when I try to type "at" or "we". Let me tell you phone, there is no way I am trying to instead type "bu" or "ye". Those aren't even words! Gah!

Catch and Release

This post is liable to spin out of control with tangents. You have been warned.

We rented the movie, Catch and Release the other night. I did like it, and cried of course (I always do). I don't think I have to tell you that my favorite part was Kevin Smith. I have always had such a huge crush on him, and I always will. He is so smart and funny and cute. But there were two things I didn't like about this movie.

First, the love interest, Timothy Olyphant; I used to be very attracted to him, especially when he was in that one Sex in the City episode. But now he is just creepy looking. His expression never changes, it is always that smirk with teeth that are too white. Is he happy? Annoyed? Horny? I can never tell. Stop smirking! Also, if he was a rich Hollywood director guy, I can tell you right now he would not have that disgusting hair cut. Those kind of things annoy me.

Here comes a spoiler; but this is a romantic comedy so it's not that hard to guess what happens.

Second, I was upset that the dead fiancé cheated on Jennifer Garner's character. The other woman, Juliette Lewis said, "It makes sense that she's perfect because when he was with me he always seemed like a kid on vacation; like he could really be himself." That makes me so so angry. Why would he marry someone that he couldn't be himself around?

I seriously think a lot of guys are like this. They feel that they "should" get married, and so they find a "suitable" wife that they are attracted to and convince themselves that they are in love. They get married, check out emotionally, and have affairs and such.

This is why I definitely believe in sex and co-habitation before marriage. I don't think you can really connect with someone and know if you are in tune with them and their lifestyle unless you live together. Especially if you have one of those guys who like to think that girls don't poop, or fart, and always wear make-up. I really hope you don't have one of those, but they do exist. Or what if his mommy alway did his laundry and cooked for him and he is going to expect you to do the same? You need to know this before getting married.

I read this article about the 12 things you should ask your significant other before marriage. They are things like how we want to raise children, how our faiths will interact, do I like your family, and household expectations (chores and such). Personally, in my relationship, I already know the answers to all of these questions, we have talked about them through out the last two and a half years. I feel that if these things have not already come up and you have to sit down and ask for these answers, then you are not ready to get married.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This is the house I want to rent! It is perfect for what we want. What is going to be happening is that Amber and Frank (my best friend and her boyfriend), and me and Brad are all moving in together. Our move date is September first, so I shouldn't be looking for houses yet because they will probably be gone by then, but Amber sent me a link to this one and we love it.

Some people sort of cringe when I tell them I moving in with another couple, even Brad was a little wary of the idea. But I think it will be great. First of all, Amber and I have lived together before and we even shared a room at the time, and it was fine. Second, we will be in a 4 bedroom house with a pool (hopefully), all that room is more than enough for me to have some personal privacy. I just really want to live in a house, with a backyard and no downstairs neighbors. This is the only way we can afford to live in a house and our rent is actually going to go down since it is split between four people.

Also if the backyard is big enough, there may be a wedding there (or two). ;)

Friday, July 06, 2007

It's Baaaack

It seems as though our air conditioner is going out again. We woke up to a 80 degree house. I went to work and Brad stayed home to see if it got better or worse; it got worse. It is now over 85 degrees in there. He went down to the office and they will come check it out; but they made some snide comment about how they spent $1000 on fixing it and it's already not working!? Well maybe you should just buy a new one. I don't know how long air conditionings last, but ours has to be at least 10 years old. It runs all the time, is very loud (can't hear the TV loud), and the house isn't weather proof very well causing it to run even harder. In the summer, our energy bill is about $200 for a 1000 sqft apartment.

It makes me feel bad that I am wasting a lot of energy with all of my old ass appliances.

We'll see how this day progresses.

Monday, June 25, 2007

January 28

The Rules:
Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (only the month and day). Find three events, two births, and one holiday that occured on your birthday. Then tag five friends.

1. 1813 - Pride and Prejudice is first published in the United Kingdom.

2. 1958 - Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate begin their murder spree with the killings of her parents and infant sister.

3. 1986 - Space Shuttle program: STS-51-L mission (Space Shuttle Challenger disaster) - Space Shuttle Challenger breaks apart 73 seconds after liftoff killing all seven astronauts onboard, including Christa McAuliffe, who was supposed to be the first teacher in space.

1. 1968 - Sarah McLachlan, Canadian singer and songwriter (I didn't even know this!)
2. 1981 - Elijah Wood, American actor (I loved this as a pre-teen when North came out)

World Leprosy Day

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hot as Hell

Our air conditioner is shot. Thankfully we live in an apartment and don't have to pay for a new one; but it could take a few days. By the time I got home from work yesterday it had to of been 120 degrees inside my apartment. The maintenance guy said he would have a portable a/c unit in our house in an hour. So we took our kitties and went to a friends' house for a while. When we got back he had put the a/c unit in our room. I wasn't thinking he would do this, and now I am embarrassed because there were dirty clothes all over the corner of the room, underwear showing and all. The portable a/c was blowing cold air but it was still 91 degrees in there and the rest of the house was over 100 degrees. So we grabbed the kitties, their food and litter box, water and snacks, some dvds. We put a towel under the door to keep the air in and didn't leave the room for the rest of the night. We wet wash clothes and so it wasn't to uncomfortable. My kitties slept in the bathtub; at one time I wet a sock and laid it on my kitty, she didn't move, she loves water, crazy girl!

By the time I went to bed it was 89 degrees and when I woke up it was 79, not bad.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Simulated Life

I played Sims 2 yesterday for like six hours. So now I keep thinking that in real life I should be able to get pregnant after woo hooing once, then get married in about four minutes and have a roof raising party with just two guests before I start showing, then have the baby appear in my arms three days later, then quit my job and hire a nanny sometimes so I can have time to myself. All the while my husband keeps getting promoted everyday because he is awesome.

In real life though, I played the Sims while I stayed home from work, felt sick all day, did nothing productive, let Brad clean around me, cooked dinner, and am no closer to having money for a baby or getting married.

New Shows

I like TV and I'm not ashamed. I hate commercials though, and don't watch a lot of TV that isn't recorded. Since most shows are on hiatus, there is little to watch. So I have added some new shows to my rotation that I am excited about.

My Unique Family on TLC. I haven't watched it yet, but it is set to record. The first one I'm watching is about a woman who has started a Wiccan Church in a town that thinks witches are evil.

Miami Ink on TLC. I just started watching this and I love it. I only have one tattoo now but I want more and this show helps give me ideas.

Cash Cab on Discovery Channel. A great trivia show that takes place in a cab when people get in.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. This one is so so so good and it was gone for months and I was scared that it would never come back. Thankfully they are showing new ones again, but it seems just to finish up the season. Supposedly it is too expensive to make. So they will cancel it and replace it with two more reality shows, great :*( Stupid!

I have started watching the baby shows again: A Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby, House of Babies. I get obsessed for a while and then stop.

I am returning to HGTV again too. There is a new show about green decorating that looks good, Red, Hot and Green. Not such a good title, but I am recording it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dance by the Light of the Moon

I work in the same building as this guy Jordan. We used to sit near each other but now I only see him every few weeks. He sends emails to the whole building and I see his last name at least once a week, but every time I see him I go blank. I ask myself, "What is his last name?!" but all that keeps coming to me is, Catalano, and for a second I convince myself that that is totally correct.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Birth Control

I have taken hormonal birth control pills off and on since I was 15. I should have always been on it because if I'm not then I have a period about once every six month. I just started Yasmin again after not being on it for like a year (no periods during that time). I remember how much I hate it. I get really sensitive to smells and threw up in a public restroom the other day, head aches, nauseous, loss of appetite, tender breasts, and aversion to sex. Sucks for me and for Brad. But hey, at least I have periods and cramping to look forward to now! That is what was missing in my life.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Knocked Up Trailer

I have been waiting to see this for months. I adored 40 Year Old Virgin and I am hoping I will love this. I am trying not to get my hopes up though; but I have loved a lot of things Judd Apatow has written like Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and I just found out he wrote Heavyweights. Heavyweights was a favorite of mine as a kid. So babies and Judd Apatow, I don't think this movie can go wrong.

I will be seeing this Friday on a double date with my favorite married couple

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Waitress Trailer - Keri Russell

You should go see this movie. It was wonderful. It is bittersweet though because the writer/director/co-star Adrienne Shelley was murdered and never got to see her final project :(

Thursday, May 24, 2007

All alone

Brad is going to be in New Mexico visiting his mom for the next five days. He left last night. It sucks sleeping alone. I have never lived alone. I don't like it. I get scared. At least I have my kitties for company.

I am looking forward to this alone time though, it is just the night time that is scary. I plan on cleaning the house, reading a lot, enjoying silence, listening to music, and laying out naked on the back porch. Amber is coming over Saturday and Sunday night to hang with me. I plan on making Sangria and Lemon Drops and getting drunk. And egg rolls, there must be egg rolls.

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Reading

I read four books this weekend.

My friend Amber always said I should read Sarah Dessen, but I never have until now. This weekend I read Keeping the Moon and Someone Like You (which was made into the movie How to Deal). They were both pretty good. I actually liked Keeping the Moon better, since I am someone who still has self-esteem issues. Someone Like You was harder to like because since I had seen the movie first kept imagining Mandy Moore as the main character and Peter Gallagher as her Dad.

Next I read Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. This was a fantastic book! It is the diary of a teenage girl. It starts out with normal high school stuff and then you read that a meteor is scheduled to hit the moon. Everyone watches as it knocks the moon closer to Earth, causing flooding, earthquakes, and volcanoes. She must then survive with her family in their New England home. Thanks to my source, I heard Susan Beth Pfeffer is writing a companion book with the tale of a boy in the New York projects and how he survives the same ordeal.

Finally I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy. So haunting and traumatic. I guess I am used to a Jericho post-apocalyptic world where everyone bands together to help each other survive, but this was the opposite. A father and son are traveling to the coast in a barren wasteland trying to survive and evade capture by bands of people who have turned to cannibalism to survive. But the story is really about the love between the Father and son.

I cried while reading all of these books. Wow, I am such a cry-baby.

Friday, May 18, 2007

It all goes back to AMC

I sometimes like to think about what a different person I would be like if I had decided to go straight to a four-year university after high school. I was completely registered and then decided that I should drop out because I was in love and we were going to move to Minnesota and be together forever. Yeah, that relationship lasted another six months before it fizzled, and I was left wondering what the hell I had done.

I love my life now and the person I have become. I can't even fathom how I would be different if I didn't go through what I have the last six years. I also like to go back and think about how I got here:

My father loves movies. All growing up he got me into great movies like Army of Darkness, Clockwork Orange, and To Kill A Mockingbird. All during middle school, I went to the movies every weekend with my friends.
1998 This love for movies caused me to get my first job at the local AMC Movie Theater, also because it was the only place that hired 15 year olds. I met Kerri and Laura there, who became my close friends.

2001 I met the above Minnesotan at Laura's apartment the summer after high school, which caused me to drop out of college.

2002 I got a job as a hostess at Red Lobster after that, because Kerri worked there.

2003 July. Kerri and I became friends with a server named James. We hung out at his house a lot and I ended up meeting his friend Ashley, who had moved here from Fort Collins. She became a close friend.

2003 October. Ashley and I didn't have jobs, so she suggests we go to the temp agency Manpower. I got the job, she didn't. I was hired on by the company I was temping for and am still there.

2004 October. I hung out at Ashley's house a lot and on Halloween she had a party. A local band named John Denver's Last Flight played. Ashley started going out with the bass player, Matt. I met the guitar player Brad, but thought he was too drunk and too loud.

2004 December. Brad and I had become friends and I had a crush on him.

2004/2005 New Years Eve. Brad and I make out. We have been together since.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


By December I will finally be done with my two-year Associates Degree from Mesa Community College. It has only taken me six years! So in Spring 2008 I should be starting at ASU.

I have been really struggling to pick a major. There are so many choices and I'm not sure what I would be good at or love doing. But something was recently added as a choice and I think it may be my major: A B.A. in Sustainability. It is actually not even going to be a undergrad major until Fall 2008. I am so excited. Here is some tidbits:

B.A. students will be able to:
  • Understand the concepts and methods of environmental economics, sociology, anthropology, environmental politics, ethics, design, and human geography relevant to the sustainability of environmental resources and social institutions.
  • Apply these concepts and methods to developing sustainable institutions for water, land, air, and urban management at the local to global level.
  • Evaluate the sustainability of environmental institutions, legal frameworks, property rights, and culture.
I am really interested in the environment and helping to change things, but I did not want to go into the science part of it. I think this is perfect.

Kid Nation: CBS Promo

When I heard about this on NPR, I wasn't so sure. But after watching this promo I think this looks great. I can't wait.

Monday, May 14, 2007


On Friday my best friend Amber graduated college with a BA in Elementary Education. I am so happy for her and excited to see her shaping young minds. I know she is going to be the best teacher and I don't think there is any job that is more important.

I had so much fun on Friday finally meeting her Grandparents and drinking with her family. I still find it weird drinking with "grown-ups". I feel that I am doing something wrong and that I am going to get in trouble. Maybe by the time I'm 30 I will feel differently.


It is not fun being back at work after five days off. Last Tuesday was the last day of the semester. Thankfully I finally finished Eng 101 after about 5 tries. I obviously know how to write, but I am just lazy and always dropped the class. This time, the professor was a very lenient grader. I did not really try at all and sometimes I didn't meet the length requirement but I still got A's on all my essays.

Then on Wednesday through Friday morning I was in Sedona staying in the Forest Houses. I have been going to these since I was little and I even think about getting married there. It was great to relax and read, read, read. Since last Sunday I have read five books and they were all fantastic. I get a lot of good book ideas from bookshelves of doom. On Sunday we went to the library to get books for the Sedona trip and by Monday night I had already read Midnighters #2: Touching Darkness and Poison Study. So I had to go back to the library on Tuesday to get the sequel, Magic Study. So then by Thursday night in Sedona I finished Magic Study, The Society of S, and The Handmaid's Tale.

Now I am reading Oryx and Crake and Peeps. I love that with all this reading I have been watching TV less and my DVR list has a lot of great shows waiting to be watched. I finally watched the two-hour Grey's Anatomy last night.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

I am watching the third season of Arrested Development and their new lawyer is Charles in Charge and his name on the show is Bob Loblaw. So this morning a co-worker was telling a story and said, "Blah, blah, blah." and I said, "Oh, you watch Arrested Development?!" and she had no idea what I was talking about.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I switched Doctors because my old one never tried to get to the root of problems and just tried covering the symptoms. So yesterday I had to get four immunization shots; Tetanus, Hep A and B, and Gardasil(HPV). Then I had a pap smear. The thing I don't like about a vaginal exam is that they always sit there and talk to their nurse like nothings going on. Your hand is in my vagina, I want you giving it all of your attention!

Now I have to go give blood so I can have my cholesterol and blood sugar tested. Yay for actually taking care of my body!

Monday, April 30, 2007


I had the most horrible dream ever last week. I won't go into details, but my younger sister got kidnapped by drug dealers and I didn't have my cell phone and realized I didn't know anyone's phone number. Oh, and Anthony Hopkins was there as the owner of a cell phone store. I woke up crying and had to call my sister to make sure she was ok.

I remember growing up, before cell phones, I had to know every phone number by heart. Since getting a cell phone I have lost all of that knowledge. I don't even know my father's address. So I actually went out and bought a address book. It is by Angela Adams and is very pretty. If I know you, expect an email from me asking for your pertinent information.

and don't do drugs! (except weed, does that even count anymore?)

oh, and while I was buying that address book, I also got the best button. Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thats Pretty Underground

So funny. Thanks to Electrolicious for the link.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the best

Have I ever told you that I am very lazy? If left to my own devices, I would go home everyday and sit in front of the computer or tv all night, barely getting up to eat something. Anytime that I do exercise or go out during the week, I feel much better than if I would have sat at home; but the next time I have the choice to stay home, I never remember that. I have called out of work before, just so I could sleep in.

So my live-in boyfriend, Brad*, bears the brunt of this. I wait until he has gotten up, and then I am suddenly ready for that refill; he makes me wake up in the morning, he does the dishes (i cook); he cleans the cat box (i will gag); he convinces me to go on our semi-nightly walk; he pretty much does anything for me that would require me to get off my ass. I count my lucky stars for this, and I wonder if he will ever get sick of it.

*if you didn't notice the hyper link, this is Brad's comic website. Go visit him.

Friday, April 20, 2007

the devil and daniel johnston

I just watched this last night. Great, great movie. I've never met anyone that intense.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

100th post

This is a great time waster.

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit

I look funny! Great link from Amber.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Love and Marriage

Brad and I were at my great-aunt’s house yesterday with some family and I told my great uncle that me and my boyfriend have been together for 2+ years. Then he gave me the look, and I knew the next question was going to be, "So when are you going to get married?" I loathe this question. But I gave him a look and he said, “What?” and so I said, “ I’m waiting for the question.” Everyone laughed and I thought they got it, but then Brad gave me a look. I realized then that they thought I meant, "I am waiting for him to ask me to marry him. Silly boy, he just can't make a commitment!"

So brad and I were talking later and we decided that I should have said, "No, we are not planning on getting married for a long while; we are just going to continue living in sin, and we may even have a child out of wedlock. Oh yeah, and we don't believe in the Christian God!" And then we would back out slowly, run to the car, and never return. It's funny how little my extended family knows me. I don't do much to rectify this, but it's just interesting.


Brad and his friends made a movie last fall. It is finally on youtube. It is great, you will laugh. I get a shout out in the credits because I made the dummy. Can you tell who Brad is?

Friday, March 30, 2007

Mr Fred Rogers

I haven't really thought about Mr. Rogers since growing up. But it is a given that when I have children I want them to watch his show. I saw this video yesterday:
Mr. Rogers talks to the US Senate via Soulemama
And it made me cry out loud. He talked about how he ended the show each day with, "You've made this day a special day, by just you being you. There's no person in the whole word like you and I like you just the way you are." I think more children need to hear this.

I bought this book for my Dad for his birthday, but never ended up giving it to him. So after watching that video I started reading it. It is filled with little quotes by him and I think everyone should read it. He was such a wonderful man, filled with kindness and love for all of his "neighbors".

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I have been a bad blogger. Not that I updated it much before but it has been a while. I blame I go on there everyday now and comment on current events and make fun of things. So that doesn't leave much for here. But there is something that I want to keep blogging about. I am slowly changing the way I live. I am becoming greener, I want to leave less of an ecological footprint. I have been researching it and doing little things for a while, but the documentary The Future of Food sent me over the edge. I was crying during that movie, I was so angry for the farmers and because of the corruption in big business that affects all of America. Everyone should see this movie!

This also has to do with losing weight. I have never been able to lose weight on my own, I have no discipline. But since we got together over two years ago both Brad and I have gained at least 30 pounds each. I'm used to fluctuating and have several different sizes of jeans, but Brad doesn't. And since he is cheap, he doesn't want to have to buy new pants. So he has decided to lose weight, not for health reasons but mostly because he doesn't want to buy bigger pants. This is great news for me because he keeps me motivated and disciplined. We are going on walks almost everynight and eating smaller portions.

Since I am trying not to eat GMOs that limits what we can eat also. Try finding bread without corn syrup in it; it is hard! Also, I have not been able to give up my coke/dr. pepper addiction, but at least it is in cans and not plastic bottles.

Thanks also goes to Ballsy Blog for providing great links and ideas on her blog.

Here are some of the things I am doing right now and what I plan to add:
Eating mostly organic, non gmos, and local when available. That means no corn syrup or soy lethicin. (plan to join CSA with local farm soon)
Natural Conditioner (will add shampoo when current runs out)
No bottled water, or plastic bottles at all
Added a trash can for aluminum to recycle
Added a box for paper to recycle
I am weaning myself off magazines. I can go to the library and look at them.
I am researching gardening right now and plan to start a compost and tiny veggie garden on my patio.

I will add more when I think of them.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


You know what I did yesterday after school? Played video games. All day. It was fun. I played both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and LEGO Star Wars. Isn't that exciting!

Oh wait, I did take a break to watch Star Trek Enterprise. I looked at pictures of T'Pol in real life and I like her better as a Vulcan.

Last weekend I did have lots of fun. My friends' band Parkway Wretch played on Friday at a bar, and then at a house party on Saturday night. I like house parties better than bars. It is easier to talk to people and the beer is cheaper.

We left pretty early though because Brad was drunk and tired. I think I am going to have to start drugging him with stimulants so I can stay out later. I'll admit, in the past it has always been me who has wanted to leave. I didn't want to make friends and I wasn't that in to the local scene. But now that I have convinced Brad that staying at home and watching TV is better, I am changing my tune. I want to talk to new people and go to more shows.

Up this weekend, Parkway is playing at The Vaudeville in Tucson. So road trip!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


God, school is bullshit. I'm sick of it. I started with 4 classes and now have 2. Why am I so lazy!

I have a major case of the blahs. I am sick of work, I am sick of school, I am sick of doing anything. I want to be productive by knitting, sewing, cleaning; but all I do when I get home is watch tv. I never go outside unless it is going to my car. I want to do more activities, but growing up the only things I did were go to the movies, go out to eat, hang out with friends at home. That is all I do now and that is only once or twice a week. What else is there?


Monday, January 08, 2007

Children of Men

Go see this movie. It is amazing.

Top Ten

These are not in any order, just listed.

Favorite Cds of the last few years

1. When we were small - Rosie Thomas
2. Good News For People Who Love Bad News - Modest Mouse
3. Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins
4. Funeral - Arcade Fire
5. Rockin' the Suburbs - Ben Folds
6. Brandi Carlile - Brandi Carlile
7. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood - Neko Case
8. Let's Get Out of This Country - Camera Obscura
9. The Ditty Bops - The Ditty Bops
10. The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls

Top Ten from when I was younger that I still love to listen to.
1. Jimmy Eat World - Jimmy Eat World
2. Tidal - Fiona Apple
3. It Means Everything - Save Ferris
4. Sublime - Sublime
5. Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette
6. Post - Bjork
7. The Presidents of the United States of America - The Presidents of the United States of America
8. Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos
9. This Fire - Paula Cole
10. No Need to Argue - The Cranberries

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years

Happy Anniversary Brad! I cannot believe it has already been two years. The time is flying by and I need to slow down and appreciate it.

Continue going to school
Continue to eat more sustainable and organic foods.
Try to grow a tomato plant on my back porch
Continue to create more by knitting and sewing
Learn to embroider
Go camping
Go to the gym at least once a week