Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Candace!

My little sister turned 22 today. Last year I posted pictures of her as a kid on my Flickr. They are still on there if you would like to see them.

In our family, on our birthday's, we go to a restaurant with my Dad, and for dinner with my Mom, she makes any thing you want.

So Saturday night we went dinner at Red Lobster. I know my sister likes it there, but I think she chooses it mostly for me. I love Red Lobster. I worked there for over a year and I still love it.

Then last night we went to dinner at my Mom's house. We went swimming, and my Mom made spaghetti pie and dump cake. Spaghetti pie is spaghetti with about a pound of cheese mixed in and then baked. It is something my Grandma used to make and my sister loves it.

You may know the desert, dump cake, by other names. You dump a can of cherry pie filling and a can of crushed pineapple in to a rectangle pan. Then cover that with a bag of dry yellow cake mix. Then you cut a stick of butter into thin slices and cover the top. Then bake it at 350 degrees for 45 min to an hour, it should be golden and bubbly. It is super sweet, but so easy and delicious.

Thankfully there was so much food last night that both my sister and I were able to take home left overs. I am eating some right now. hmmmmm

Monday, July 23, 2007

That one movie with Sigourney Weaver

Something that I find so funny is when characters on a T.V. show are trying to figure out a movie and one of the characters was in that movie.

Probably because then I can show off my mad movie game skills. The movie game (yes a very original title I know) is like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. With a group of people, one person starts by naming a movie; then the next person names a actor in that movie; then the next person names another movie that that person is in and so on. You can't do repeats. If someone doesn't know another actor or movie, they can challenge and that last person to answer must know another actor or movie. If they don't, then they are out; if they do then the person who challenged is out.

I could always play with my movie theater friends because we were all movie dorks. But when I play with my friends now (most of whom are guys) they always name 80s wrestling stars or action movies. Those are my only weakness!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter

My friends and I had pre-ordered our books at Barnes and Noble. After waiting until after midnight there and realizing we would have to wait another hour or so because there was over 700 people there, we decided to leave. We drove to Wal-Mart and waited in line behind three people and had our book in about 5 minutes.

There were some teenagers at Barnes and Noble that had naughty shirt on. They said things like, "I gave Harry Potter Parsletongue", "If you be the beater, I'll be the keeper", and "My wand is 13 1/2 inches". They were funny.

I finished the book this morning at 2 am (or last night at 2 am?). I cried and cried and cried. And then cried some more this morning while telling Brad about what happens (he doesn't read the books). I love a lot about the closure, but I feel I needed more information about what happens to certain characters. There are some unexpected deaths and one that has really hit me hard.


I always believed in Snape. :*(

Friday, July 20, 2007

Hon Machi Sushi

mmmmmm, shushi!

Brad and I wanted to eat sushi last night, but we are also slightly broke trying to save for the move. Solution: Hon Machi. I first went to this place a few times with my friends Billy and Christy and loved it. Sure it does not have the fancy psuedo-Asian decorations like Ra or Kona Grill, but it also doesn't have their prices. Also those places are too loud and snooty. Hon Machi is very laid back, but it is also on a lake so you can see the water from wherever you sit. Those times we went with another couple, it was about $60 total.

But wait it gets better; Mon - Thurs from 5-7 pm, they have Happy Hour prices for drinks and certain rolls. Thankfully they are all my favorite rolls. So last night Brad and I ate way too much, 6 different rolls, which is about 40 - 50 pieces. Our total, not including tip was $25.01.

You should go there

P.S. If you like fabric, there is also a quilting store right next door to browse in afterwards.

Harry Potter

I told my boss that I may not be able to concentrate and may have to go home and take a sleeping pill and sleep until midnight. Otherwise, I may shout Harry Potter related things through out the day.

So. Excited.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not so secret shame

I am shamelessly stealing this idea from Gurg.

In 9th grade I had a secret. I tried to hide it from everyone except my close friends. I was trying to get in with the "cool" druggie kids (never happened). But I had to admit it when my friends found my "SPICE" ring. I loved the Spice Girls. This trend continued through out my young adult life. Around other people I would talk about the cool bands I like that were alternative and indie, but by myself I would listen to N'Sync and Britney Spears. Not to say I don't like indie music, I love it, I just love unoriginal pop music also. I just love music I can sing along with.

In the summer between junior and senior year, my friend Kerri and I made a dance to Digital Get Down by N'Sync. A choreographed dance. I was 17 years old!

Here are a couple songs that I love to sing along with and I am no longer ashamed to admit it.

Here are two awesome newer songs that I hope will make up for the above ones.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tiny annoyance

I use the text messaging feature where the phone knows what I'm trying to type. For years I didn't use this because I didn't understand it, and was therefore scared of it. Now I love it but I get really annoyed when I try to type "at" or "we". Let me tell you phone, there is no way I am trying to instead type "bu" or "ye". Those aren't even words! Gah!

Catch and Release

This post is liable to spin out of control with tangents. You have been warned.

We rented the movie, Catch and Release the other night. I did like it, and cried of course (I always do). I don't think I have to tell you that my favorite part was Kevin Smith. I have always had such a huge crush on him, and I always will. He is so smart and funny and cute. But there were two things I didn't like about this movie.

First, the love interest, Timothy Olyphant; I used to be very attracted to him, especially when he was in that one Sex in the City episode. But now he is just creepy looking. His expression never changes, it is always that smirk with teeth that are too white. Is he happy? Annoyed? Horny? I can never tell. Stop smirking! Also, if he was a rich Hollywood director guy, I can tell you right now he would not have that disgusting hair cut. Those kind of things annoy me.

Here comes a spoiler; but this is a romantic comedy so it's not that hard to guess what happens.

Second, I was upset that the dead fiancé cheated on Jennifer Garner's character. The other woman, Juliette Lewis said, "It makes sense that she's perfect because when he was with me he always seemed like a kid on vacation; like he could really be himself." That makes me so so angry. Why would he marry someone that he couldn't be himself around?

I seriously think a lot of guys are like this. They feel that they "should" get married, and so they find a "suitable" wife that they are attracted to and convince themselves that they are in love. They get married, check out emotionally, and have affairs and such.

This is why I definitely believe in sex and co-habitation before marriage. I don't think you can really connect with someone and know if you are in tune with them and their lifestyle unless you live together. Especially if you have one of those guys who like to think that girls don't poop, or fart, and always wear make-up. I really hope you don't have one of those, but they do exist. Or what if his mommy alway did his laundry and cooked for him and he is going to expect you to do the same? You need to know this before getting married.

I read this article about the 12 things you should ask your significant other before marriage. They are things like how we want to raise children, how our faiths will interact, do I like your family, and household expectations (chores and such). Personally, in my relationship, I already know the answers to all of these questions, we have talked about them through out the last two and a half years. I feel that if these things have not already come up and you have to sit down and ask for these answers, then you are not ready to get married.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This is the house I want to rent! It is perfect for what we want. What is going to be happening is that Amber and Frank (my best friend and her boyfriend), and me and Brad are all moving in together. Our move date is September first, so I shouldn't be looking for houses yet because they will probably be gone by then, but Amber sent me a link to this one and we love it.

Some people sort of cringe when I tell them I moving in with another couple, even Brad was a little wary of the idea. But I think it will be great. First of all, Amber and I have lived together before and we even shared a room at the time, and it was fine. Second, we will be in a 4 bedroom house with a pool (hopefully), all that room is more than enough for me to have some personal privacy. I just really want to live in a house, with a backyard and no downstairs neighbors. This is the only way we can afford to live in a house and our rent is actually going to go down since it is split between four people.

Also if the backyard is big enough, there may be a wedding there (or two). ;)

Friday, July 06, 2007

It's Baaaack

It seems as though our air conditioner is going out again. We woke up to a 80 degree house. I went to work and Brad stayed home to see if it got better or worse; it got worse. It is now over 85 degrees in there. He went down to the office and they will come check it out; but they made some snide comment about how they spent $1000 on fixing it and it's already not working!? Well maybe you should just buy a new one. I don't know how long air conditionings last, but ours has to be at least 10 years old. It runs all the time, is very loud (can't hear the TV loud), and the house isn't weather proof very well causing it to run even harder. In the summer, our energy bill is about $200 for a 1000 sqft apartment.

It makes me feel bad that I am wasting a lot of energy with all of my old ass appliances.

We'll see how this day progresses.