Friday, February 29, 2008


I got my yearly review and got a 0.50 cent raise!!! Woot!

quarterlife (remember not to use capital letters)

I watched that new show quarterlife last night and I just don't think I can buy into it. We all know I love blogs and "alternative" people but that main character, Dylan (wow, what an alternative name!) and her roommate (with glasses, how alternative!) are so damn skinny I can barely watch them. I find them completely unattractive.

Also it annoys me that everyone is pining after each other. If I like someone I overtly flirt with them or do really obvious things like asking them questions about themselves and actually listening (just ask Brad, after I started asking him all these questions about his family he said he knew then that I liked him). I don't just pine away and hope they realize their feelings too and then they will come tell me they love me! Well I used to do that; in jr. high, when I would listen to Dreaming of You by Selena and get butterflies thinking that tomorrow in school the guy I was crushing on would randomly tell me he loved me and my life would change. I guess I'm a little too realistic in that sense, if I don't think a crush is ever going to like me back, I get over it real fast. I don't like to waste my time and feelings on someone who doesn't like me back. (of course celebrity crushes are the exception, I will always love you Alan Rickman)

Then the two main guy characters are already douche bags after one episode. Danny (is that his name?) cheats on his girlfriend and obviously only went to film school to make a commercial success of himself. I don't understand how him and Jed are best friends, they don't seem to have much in common. Of course many girls will think that the sensitive artist Jed is a cute boy who just needs to be loved; but no, he is also a a**hole. He is a pretentious artist who is selfish and can't be observant enough to see that Dylan is in love with him and he has a hissy fit when Danny won't shoot the commercial the way he wants. Blegch.

I don't like any of these characters. I will give it a couple of more episodes to see if it changes

Bad Timing

I just started reading Rock Star Mommy last week. When I start reading a blog, I really get into the archives and can read it for hours. Just last night I had read up to November 2007, only a couple of more months to go; but alas, this morning I tried going to my saved link to keep reading and it didn't work! I tried a couple of times and finally just went to the main url and saw that she had taken everything down and had a final message on there. She is quitting her blog and taking it down! I am actually sad about this. Of course I never met her, but her writing was so funny, heartfelt, witty, biting, and sometimes mean and it was great. I was really looking forward to catching up to present on her blog and commenting.

This is also not good for my obsessive behaviors because I really want to have read all of it. I will now always know that there are three months of her blog that I will never be able to read. Ack!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sonic Commercial

I love the ones with the husband and wife and I just found out that the woman (actress/comedienne Molly Erdman) has a blog! I haven't really read a lot, but here it is.

This is mostly for Christy because I know she hates it when I tell her she looks like and sounds like her. But I think she is pretty and so funny, so it is actually a complement.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I know I am very late with this realization, but I just heard that Fergie - Clumsy song a few weeks ago and I hate to admit it but I love it (exept for the part where she talks, I hate talking in songs).

It really pains me to admit this because I really hate Fergie. I loved her when I used to watch Kids Incorporated and when she was in Wild Orchid; but even though she made the Black Eyed Peas famous, I think she ruined them. I think she is fugly and has dead meth eyes.

But this song is just so dang pop-y and I can't stop listening to it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lay offs

I am feeling tired and stressed. They are doing lay offs at my work and it is really fucked up and scary. It started yesterday completely out of the blue and no one knew who would be next. I sit right next to the room which they were taking each person in to offer them a severance package, so I kept watching friend after friend going in there. I kept waiting for my turn, but it never came. I think they are done.

In reality, I wouldn't have minded if I was one of the ones laid off. Having five weeks of paid time off sounds nice, but I hate getting a new job. I hate interviews; they are so fake. I would hate not having insurance. I hate having to try to immerse my self in the cliques that have already been established. But it would be nice to work with people more my age. I am pretty much the youngest here.

I wonder what stupid bullshit moral booster they are going to try and get us to do now. "Yay! Be happy, we still love you!!" the company will try to tell us, but now we know that we are never safe.

Monday, February 04, 2008

My weekend

Some things I did this weekend:

Friday my friends and I all went to a restaurant/bar for Karaoke (and a belated birthday get together)! I am a newbie to it but I really love doing it. But I really have to have people I know there or else I feel really self conscious. I actually got a little tipsy for the first time in like a year (since my last birthday). Then we went to Denny's and played Cranium Conga and kept waiting for all the drunk people around us to get into fights.

After finding a new blog, Splendid Sustenance via another blog I read I decided to make two of the recipes she was able to copy from Vegan with a Vengeance. So Saturday I made Creamy Tomato Soup and ate it with a grilled cheese sandwich. Then on Sunday I made Hot and Sour Soup and homemade egg rolls. Everything was so so good. I actually ordered the cook book along with another one, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, and the non-fiction book, The Omnivore's Dilemma. I can't wait for them to arrive!!!

We are not planning on becoming vegetarian or vegan anytime soon, but I want to learn more styles of cooking than just meat/veggie/starch that I am becoming so bored of. I really want to learn more Thai and Indian recipes.

Sunday night I watched The Sixth Sense and then Waiting to Exhale after Brad went to sleep. I have been staying up way to late lately. When I had to work at 6:30 every morning, I would be asleep by 11:00 pm at the latest, but now that I have school at 8:00 am some days and 9:00 am others, I am staying up until about 2:00 am.

I can always watch Waiting to Exhale. I just love it so much. I think that Loretta Divine is so beautiful; not to mention Angela Bassett and Lela Rochon.