Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I like lists. But that may have developed out of my hate for transition sentences.

A few things:

Does anyone else take their fruit snacks and line them up in the color they are going to eat them? I always save the red for last.

My work finally went and made Myspace FORBIDDEN, so now I am going through withdrawls.

Almost everynight I think, "what would I do if someone broke in? Where is the cell phone?" Then I tell myself to remind myself that tomorrow night, I will bring the phone in the room, just in case. But I never do.

I really, really like it when my Sims Woo Hoo.

I definitely got una buena nota on my examen final en Espanol (an A). I am very good at studying for 30 minutes before an exam and remembering it for just enough time to spit it back out on paper. Some of it sticks, but not much. I will never forget the verb for vacuuming: pasar la aspiradora, because I think, pass the sucker.

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