Monday, November 12, 2007

Fat Rant - Confessions of the Compulsive

Oh this is awesome. This first page of comments are great but seeing some of the previous comments (mean and unintelligent), it seems many people missed the meaning. She is not saying, "We are all fat just because of our genes!" She is saying that overeating cannot be treated like other addictions or compulsions because as humans we can never stop eating or we die. So yes, the girl who pulls out all her hair, or a crack addict, or a cutter could be cured with therapy and just stopping the behavior. But an overeater can never stop eating, so it should be treated differently.
Also, if you have read any of the recent health studies or fat acceptance blogs you will see what we are trying to convince the public of is that being fat is no less healthy than being thin. A new study shows that the best weight is at the BMI of 25 or 26, which according to the bullshit scale (which doesn't account for age by the way) is overweight. So "professionals" were wrong, being at a 18 or 19 BMI is not healthiest for you.
Just because I am fat doesn't mean I am unhappy, or lazy, or an overeater, or unhealthy, and most importantly I deserve just as many rights and respect as thin people.
If you feel you need to lose weight just to fit into society, perhaps you should try changing society instead.

Persons who don't like or respect fat people or treat them like lesser humans, I see them the same way I see racists and homophobics.

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