Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So so happy

I have been yearning for a sewing machine lately and luckily my step-mom had one in the garage and let me have it!!!!! I finally finished some cloth napkins I started about four years ago. And I made my first purse from this tutorial.

It is pretty small, but I couldn't get the pattern to print at 200%. I will definitely make this again. I already want to start hand making all my Christmas presents!!!! You can look forward to many more crafts from me.

Here is a gratuitous Kennedy photo, I think this girl is going to have some red hair:


leaner said...

I love sewing. If you go to my profile I have a sewing blog (not very active) and I have a sewing category on my blog. I've made about 1/2 our Christmas gifts lately. I really want to knit a sweater but get overwhelmed by it. :) BTW I love that owl fabric! And Kennedy is so cute.

~Robyn~ said...

I LOVE that purse! It's so cute. My mom asked if I would be upset if she gave you her sewing machine. I'm like, ummm, yeah, cause I need it to sit in my garage and collect dust? She's so funny.