Friday, March 18, 2011


I am excited to go to this! I am so in need of more friends it is not even funny. It is so hard to make and KEEP friends as an adult. Sure you meet people you like, even feel a connection with but then what. It seems so akward to call someone you don't really know and ask to do something. It is like dating, and I have never been a good dater, with guys I was more like, "Oh hi, we just met and made out so now we are together! And now we will spend every moment together until we fizzle out and break up, ok thanks bye."

Even at school, I am about to graduate and I am just now making some closer friends who I hope to actually keep in touch with afterwards. You would think with so many girls I could find someone who I have a lot in common with, but no. I guess I am way weirder than I thought, but I read so many blogs of like minded people I know my interests are not way out there but I just need to find my niche.

A lot of people need time and planning to do something, I only have one friend (Hi Laura!) who if I call and say, "Hey, wanna hang out?" there is a more than 50% chance she will be able to. And usually it is the same when she calls me. Even since having Kennedy, I can still meet for impromptu meetups. Sure, I need a little extra time but I can still be out of my house in like half an hour.

Sorry, rant over.

I am graduating school in about two weeks or so. Finally! I can't believe I have made it. Now I need to decide where to work. I am leaning towards assisting at a mid-high level salon. Yes I could go straight to working at like AZ Hair Co. or Great Clips but I feel like I still have so much to learn and I was taught to work where the clients you want go and I feel I want to work somewhere in like downtown phoenix or something where artsy people go. Not sure. I am definitely excited to start working again and make some money!


leaner said...

I know exactly how you feel. It has taken me so long to find friends. I finally have a few and its such a relief to not be "dating" for friends. I also, was not good at dating. (You can ask around...)
It gets a little easier when your kids are older (in school) at least for me, that was where I found friends, finally. Older, cooler friends, but still.

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Hey lady! We sat next to each other at supper tonight and I had no idea you had commented on my blog until I got home! So "Hi" shower curtain twin!!!
I thought the meetup was totally awkward, tons of fun, and somehow disorganized in a way that makes me pine for the list of contacts and also dread the awkward communication that is bound to come from making new blogger friends after meeting them briefly over the course of a few hours! Now I'm rambling... which I'm quite good at, but I'll stop and leave it at "Hi" and "G'nite"