Friday, August 04, 2006

Dirty Briefs

In high school I worked at Target. One night while working in the men’s department I took a call from a man looking for underwear. He kept asking me things like,

“What kinds do you have? What colors?” I don’t know if I was naive or what but I kept going on,

“Oh, we have boxers, jockeys, briefs, and boxer-briefs. They come in many colors; white, black, maroon.” Then he started breathing weird and asked me about my underwear. I finally caught on and hung up. By that point in my life I was no virgin, but I really didn’t get what was going on until the end of the conversation. I was shocked, but oddly flattered. That sure did help to raise my self-esteem.

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Scout said...

I was working for 7-Eleven in my mid-twenties when I started getting phone calls from a soft-voiced young person (indeterminately male or female) who started by asking the price of beer and such and went on to what kind of beer I liked (at that time, I didn't) and what I did on weekends and such. It was kind of strange and spooky, but I sort of felt sorry for him/her. Like, who calls a convenience store in the middle of the night to talk about clothes? I let it go on a few more evenings and then on Saturday, which was hugely busy because the Baptists wouldn't be allowed to buy beer until noon the next day so they stocked up at night, I kinda said I didn't have time for this. She or he never called back. I wonder what happened to her or him.