Monday, August 14, 2006


I have been reading this blog for a while. Sarah B. and her roommate started the original Cringe in New York. It is a monthly event where people get together at a bar and read from their old diaries and journals. As I can only imagine from my writing at that time, it must be hilarious. They just did a piece about it on Friday's Nightline, you can see it here.

Seeing as I was supposed to be unpacking yesterday, I of course got sidetracked and started reading notes from high school. I have saved most of the notes I received from friends and boyfriends from like 7th grade on. There are some decorated with swirly vines and flowers and some folded into paper footballs. It is so funny reading them, because I left a lot of stuff out of my journals and it fills in some of the gaps. But what I would love to read is the notes I sent in reply. That would be entertaining.

You know what's kinda sad, kids probably don't even write notes to each other any more, they just text message each other.

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