Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Young Folks

By Peter Bjorn and John.

Wow, I adore this song. Here is a list
synchronized dancing
Duet (girl and guy)

If a song (or video) has one, or many, of these features, there is a %90 chance I will like it. When it comes to the singing voice of a band I can't really describe what I like.
Bands who's voice I like:
The Knife
Camera Obscura
Peter Bjorn and John
Tilly and the Wall
Arcade Fire

I can only think of one band right now that I don't like, only because of the voice: Death Cab for Cutie. I should love them, but I just don't like the lead singer's voice.

If I could give you one piece of advice, check out Camera Obscura. They are amazing!

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Pablo said...

To think you don't like one of my favorite bands. I have listen to DCFC since the wee beginning. You should hear some earlier stuff. Ben Gibbard is a lyrical genius.