Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hot as Hell

Our air conditioner is shot. Thankfully we live in an apartment and don't have to pay for a new one; but it could take a few days. By the time I got home from work yesterday it had to of been 120 degrees inside my apartment. The maintenance guy said he would have a portable a/c unit in our house in an hour. So we took our kitties and went to a friends' house for a while. When we got back he had put the a/c unit in our room. I wasn't thinking he would do this, and now I am embarrassed because there were dirty clothes all over the corner of the room, underwear showing and all. The portable a/c was blowing cold air but it was still 91 degrees in there and the rest of the house was over 100 degrees. So we grabbed the kitties, their food and litter box, water and snacks, some dvds. We put a towel under the door to keep the air in and didn't leave the room for the rest of the night. We wet wash clothes and so it wasn't to uncomfortable. My kitties slept in the bathtub; at one time I wet a sock and laid it on my kitty, she didn't move, she loves water, crazy girl!

By the time I went to bed it was 89 degrees and when I woke up it was 79, not bad.

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Guillermo said...


Your hydrophilic cat does sound a bit crazy. But it's a good crazy. May I link your blog?