Monday, June 16, 2008


Does it make me a bad person that I was really jealous when I found out one of my favorite bloggers is pregnant again? She already has three children, can't she wait until I have at least one on the way? I realize this is completely irrational and I feel bad about it. Motherhood is always something I have admired in other people and assumed I would be able to do it; but what if I can't?

I can't believe they expect healthy couples to try for 18 months before worrying about not being able to get pregnant. That is fracking forever.

Basically I am just an impatient spoiled brat and expect instant gratification in most other areas of my life; but this is not something I can rush. And really we are waiting until we are married until we are actively trying (maybe for the continued deniability for my father; I swear we sleep in separate beds!), but isn't not protecting the same as trying?

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