Monday, July 07, 2008


I don't actually have any cds by Tilly and the Wall but the songs I have heard by them I love (Lost Girls, Beat Control). They are having a concert here this weekend and I am going, yay! I thought they were a semi-famous band, but they are playing at the Modified; which is a tiny art gallery venue.

Thursday night I went to see my friends' band Japanese Monsters at The Ruby Room. Now this bar was pretty cool; there were 1970s style naked lady paintings all over the walls and when we first walked in they were playing the movie Stripes. I couldn't stop staring at all the boobage. It also rained which was great. I love to get soaked in summer rain.

About two weeks ago my fiance Brad had his first accoustic show at a bar Stray Cat. It went great. He is so super funny and self-deprecating between songs; I love it.

Upcoming concerts I plan to attend: My Morning Jacket and Vampire Weekend.

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