Monday, December 29, 2008

Where have I been?

At home, in bed. Watching a lot of Doctor Who and Torchwood. I really don't know why I don't blog more. Probably because I don't really have much to say sometimes. Oh, I could probably blog a lot about my love for all things Doctor Who, or perhaps politics (although that would depress me); but I think that would bore most people.

I am so happy that I have finally gotten one person to watch Doctor Who, my father. He has watched some of series one on Netflix online and loved them. Yay! If only everyone I told about Doctor who would watch it, then there would be like 25 new loyal viewers. I am pretty upset that there will not be a new season until 2010 and it will be with a new Doctor. I can't even explain the love I have for David Tennant. And although i don't love Torchwood as much, I just love how sexually abiguous everyone is on that show; everyone seems to be bisexual. It's awesome! On US Television same sex kisses are treated oddly, either with scantily clad women, or it somehow feels taboo; but on Torchwood it is treated as completely normal and I really like how it is done.

See are you bored yet?

Things are hopefully progressing on the baby making front. I went to the ob/gyn and got Provera to jump start my period, then Clomid 50mg on cycle days 3-7 to force me to ovulate. Right now I am on CD (cycle day) 9 so I should hopefully ovulate anyday now. The ob/gyn didn't put me on Metformin which was discouraging. Many people who have PCOS, if they get pregnant, will have a miscarriage if their insulin resistance is not taken care of. So instead I am taking a cinnamon supplement everyday, that is supposed to balance my sugar levels. So we should know by my 26th birthday (January 28)whether I am pregnant or not. Please send good thought my way (or pray if that is your thing). Thanks!

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