Friday, January 02, 2009

Hallelujah Vacation Hours!

I have spent the last couple of months since the wedding with no vacation hours left. It really stinks. Thankfully since we are not busy they have been letting us take some days off without pay. It was great being able to take off the two days before Christmas, but it means that my paycheck today was crappy.

The last three years I got three weeks of vacation a year, but since this year marks my four year anniversary here, I now get four weeks of vacation. That is so amazing to me. I could take off a whole month of work and get paid for it!

Unfortunately our vacation doesn't accumulate so this time all has to be used this year. So I am going to try and save most of it but if I am not pregnant by April (if I am I will need to save the time for maternity leave) I will be taking a lot of vacations! I am not one to take really long vacations. I usually take a day off every few weeks just to sleep in and do nothing.

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