Friday, January 02, 2009

Name Change

I finally changed my name and got my new driver's license today. I originally went in and changed it in November, but that was a disaster. In my state, first you have to go to the SS office and change your name there. So my birth name is Bubba Shannon Magillicutty (some names have been changed!) I have always gone by my middle name Shannon since I was very little so I wanted to get rid of my first name, make my middle name my first name and my maiden name my middle name. So at the SS office I changed my name to Shannon Magillicutty Dwyer (Dwyer is Brad's last name). They had no problem doing this.

Then two days late I go to the DMV to get a new license and they say no go. I am not allowed to change my first name, the only thing I am allowed to do is drop my last name and add his last name. I can't do hyphenated or anything else. I only have one choice (or I might have been able to just add his last name, giving me four names). If I wanted to keep Shannon Magillicutty Dwyer I would have to apply for a legal name change which costs about $300 and I would have to go to court and everything. So now I have new social security card with one name and a driver's license with another. I was very upset.

So I dilly dallied for the last month trying to decide what to do. Finally a few days ago I went back to the SS office and just changed my last name to Dwyer. So now I am Bubba Shannon Dwyer. I had to take a new picture for the license at the DMV because my last picture was from when I was 16, ten years ago. Of course I haven't taken a shower today and I look like crap. Oh well, I have a new name and all is well in the world.

I am pretty pissed at the status quo and that there are not many options for people changing their names. I think as long as one keeps two out of your three birth names, one should be able to change their name to any combination they choose. Boo to the patriarchy!

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