Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long time no talk

Wow, it has been over two months since I updated this. Unfortunately, not much in my life has changed. I still don't have a job, although I have an interview on Monday (Yay!).

I am still having fertility issues. We cannot afford to go to a fertility specialist right now. I am going to start concentrating on what I can do to help in that area by changing my diet and exercise habits. Now, I have read a lot about fat acceptance and HAES (health at every size) and I totally believe that you don't need to be skinny to be healthy and beautiful. That being said, my insulin resistance causes me to crave carbs and sugars and if I keep eating that way, I WILL get diabetes. Also, I do not exercise much at all.

So I am starting the South Beach diet today. I really like their exercise and eating plan. I think it is the best course for me. The goal here is to eat more healthy and exercise in order to have more energy, build my core muscles (hopefully get rid of back pain), and hopefully start having a regular cycle and ovulating again. I will almost certainly lose weight while doing this, but that is not my main goal.

So wish me luck and I will try to update this more often!

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angel_lei2002 said...

I support you 100%! If there is anything I can do please let me know. I'm always here! = -)