Monday, May 25, 2009

South Beach Diet, end of week 1 of Phase 1

Well I have lost about 8 pounds! I am so psyched. I did cheat a tiny bit, Brad tells me I shouldn't beat myself up, but I want to do better. Every bite of something sweet or bready I'm about to take I should ask myself, "Do I want this bite of cheesecake, or a baby?" I never ate a bad meal or binged or anything; but when I was in Tucson for three days it was hard. There was cheesecake, and eating out, and donuts. Thankfully I only ever had a bite or two of anything bad.

I've consumes more aspartame this week than I probably have in the past year. I just never usually eat diet stuff. But I was craving sweets so bad that I have had a couple diet sodas and what not.

Over all this is working out great. I need to work out more, being out of town made it hard. Wish me luck on this coming week!

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Christy B said...

Weigh to go! Call me if you need to supress a craving and we will talk about something to get your mind off it!