Thursday, September 03, 2009

Moving On

It is moving time again! Brad and I have moved every year since we have been together (this is our fourth time moving I think). I think this will start to change since we are having a baby, you know, stability and all. But since I am in school full time right now and don't have a job, we can't really afford much on only Brad's income. So.... we are moving in with my Mom!!!!!

We had actually decided to do this before we found out we were pregnant, but now it makes even more sense. My Mom needs the money and we need the discount in rent. We are getting two of her bedrooms and paying her $600 a month (including all utilities). So our only other bills are like food, cell phones, credit card payments, oh and the storage unit we have to get to store some of our stuff.

We are in the middle of moving and it is hell. We don't have to be out of our apartment until October 9th, so we have been taking car loads of stuff over to our new house almost daily. But the issue is, my Mom is out of town for a few weeks and she wants us to be completely moved in and the house clean by the time she gets back.

This is hard because my Mom has so much unorganized stuff! I am slowely sorting things and making room. I just went through her medicine cabinet and threw away SO MUCH expired medicine; what used to take up a whole cabinet in the kitchen, now takes up one shelf.

Also, it is hard because we have two cats; and so does my Mom. That's right, we are now a FOUR cat household. My Mom's two cats, Hailey and Jolie are inside/outside cats. They are tough, but friendly and go outside to use the bathroom and frolic and then come inside to sleep or relax. My cats, Beans and Rice, are inside cats; we are willing to make them inside/outside cats but they aren't yet. The cat introductions are not going superbly well. Beans and Rice are very trusting and interested in these new "friends"; Jolie and Hailey hiss and growl. Oh well, I'm sure it will get better


I am now 11w4d pregant. I am nauteous all the time and have thrown up some. I am crying over tiny things and I'm sure freaking out Brad. Brad hates it when I gag, he says it too close to throwing up and I say there is a big difference!

I am really frustrated because I still don't have insurance. I am in the process of getting AHCCCS and it is hard. They need so much paperwork!

I will try to post some pictures of our new house some time next week after I clean it more.

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