Friday, October 23, 2009

I keep livin this day like the next will never come

18 weeks pregnant
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So yeah, I haven't posted in a month. Sorry about that, I know my few readers have been very disappointed. I am still pregnant and actually considering the fact that I am actually going to have a baby! It still doesn't seem real. My mom is coming home today after being gone for about two months. It will be great to see her but I am expecting some tension because we have been living in her house while she was gone and I know she wants that control of being in charge of her own house back. I know living with her will work out it is just hard balancing that mother/daughter relationship with the landlord/tenant relationship. Especially when it comes to cleaning as I have been known to not do it.
I am 18 weeks pregnant and just had to buy some maternity pants this week. I still have not gained any weight and am actually down 10 lbs from my starting weight. I am eating pretty healthy when I eat, but I just don't think I am eating enough during the day. I think that starting tomorrow (because of my mom) I will be eating more and more healthy. I did start drinking caffeine a few weeks ago, I didn't drink it the first 13 weeks or so, but I just love soda so much! I only drink one every couple of days or so and that is my only source of caffeine and hfcs.
I am scared that I may get or already have gestational diabetes. If you have read this site before you know that I have insulin resistance and PCOS. So I already struggled with my blood sugar before getting pregnant, so now I may already have GD. That scares me mostly because I am seeing, and hope to be delivered by, a midwife. I don't want to become high risk and have to have a high intervention delivery.
I am planning on getting a couple books about GD from the library and changing my diet where necessary.
Now that life will be getting into a regular routine since we are done moving, cleaning my Mom's house, and my Mom will be back; I think I will be getting more prepared for having this baby. I want to read more parenting books (I already have a list) and start knitting and crocheting like crazy.
Here is a pic of me at 18 weeks. I was already fat, so mostly my baby is just pushing that fat forward, but I can tell that my stomach is shaped differently now. Brad commented that the lighting makes it look seedy, like the Fiona Apple video "Criminal"

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