Saturday, March 06, 2010

Almost there....

Wow, another post. It has only been over two months. How are you all? Well this will probably be my last post before our little girl shows herself. I am 37w4d. I have no idea when she will come, but she can't stay in there longer than 30 more days (two weeks late), hopefully way sooner than that. I am now on a leave of absence from beauty school. I wanted to stay longer, but since the baby has dropped I can't stand or walk around for hours at a time; I get bad leg pain and numbing. So for the last week I have been hanging at home and nesting. We just had our baby shower last weekend. It was awesome. We did two great activities that I think should be done at every shower; decorated blank onesies with fabric and made an alphabet book for the baby. Here are some pics:

Also, I made a fabric pennant banner that says our daughter's name, Kennedy Mae. I couldn't get a good picture of it up, but here is a close up of a couple of the pennants. It was super easy because I did the no sew version where you cut out a diamond of fabric and then fold it in half over yarn and hot glue gun it together. Easy.

I really still can't believe I am going to have a baby. But I will post again with pictures of my newborn baby girl!!!!!

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