Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Labor Story

Labor was the hardest most intense thing I have ever done.

Saturday morning I woke up just before 6 am with mild contractions. Not too painful but definitely "real" contractions. I started timing them and they were already coming about 4-5 minutes apart. After a couple of hours I called my doula who came over. I labored at home basically snoozing between contractions, then taking a walk, oh and vomiting a couple of times. At about 3 in the afternoon, I decided I wanted to go to the hospital. After planning a labor completely pain medication free, I had already changed my mind and wanted some Stadol.
When we got to the hospital I was admitted, checked and found to be dilated to about 4 cm. The nurse let me get in the tub right away. I found out later that that may not have been a good idea since I was relatively early in my labor, it may have stalled me a bit. I asked for pain medication but we decided that I should try to get a little further along first. So I labored a bit in the bed and on the toilet. When I was checked again at about 9 pm I was at 5cm, 100% effaced and at 0 station. I was given stadol. I wish I wouldn't have taken it. It really doesn't take away the pain at all, I just was able to zone out between contractions. But then when it wore off about an hour later, I wasn't used to the more intense contractions and so they were now even MORE painful.
So now the stadol had worn off and it is probably about 11pm. I get in the tub and labored in there for about an hour. I was already pushing during some of the contractions but I didn't know I was getting close. When I was checked at 9 pm was the last time I was ever checked, which I appreciated. Then I knew I needed to poop and really didn't want to poop in the bath tub. So I sat on the toilet and labored there for about an hour. I knew her head was about to come out but for some reason I didn't say anything. I thought I would jinx myself or something. It is the craziest feeling knowing you are about to tear and pushing through it. Finally I felt head pop out and I said, "I think she is crowning," while lifting myself off the toilet and getting onto all fours. My midwife said, "That is not crowning, the head is already delivered!" Everybody then scrambled to get pads and blankets on the floor and then, plop!, I pushed her the rest of the way out. The midwife caught her and handed her to me between my legs. It was crazy. I think Brad was really freaking out because he had no idea how close I was to being finished and then there she was all of a sudden. Then after a few minutes of being shocked, there on the bathroom floor, Brad got to cut the cord and hold her as I somehow stood up and got to the bed. It really was a surreal experience.

There is a video of most of this, and if I can get Brad to edit it to save at least a little of my modesty, I might put it up here. If you know me in real life and want to see it, just come on over (as long as you don't mind seeing my boobs)

We are now at home and trying to adjust. Kennedy is a very easy baby so far. She likes to suckle a lot though and my nipples do not appreciate it. I am very tired and sore. Brad is the best husband and father. He is helping me with everything and I have to remind him to rest or I know he will run himself out. He is only sad because he can't breastfeed as well to take some of the workload off me!

We are definitely still planning on cloth diapering, but I think we will wait until both her poop changes, and I am less sore and more able to help with laundry and everything.


Robyn said...

Thats a crazy birth story! When my mom text me early saying you were having contractions but then she told me around 4 you were just now going to the hospital I was like, Oh my gosh, poor thing's gonna have a long labor! I bet you're glad you're done and now just have your little girl. Congrats again!

Liz said...

Hi, where did you have your baby? Were you satisfied with your midwife's care? I live in Chandler and have been researching alternatives to standard hospital birth and would love to hear your feedback.