Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the best

Have I ever told you that I am very lazy? If left to my own devices, I would go home everyday and sit in front of the computer or tv all night, barely getting up to eat something. Anytime that I do exercise or go out during the week, I feel much better than if I would have sat at home; but the next time I have the choice to stay home, I never remember that. I have called out of work before, just so I could sleep in.

So my live-in boyfriend, Brad*, bears the brunt of this. I wait until he has gotten up, and then I am suddenly ready for that refill; he makes me wake up in the morning, he does the dishes (i cook); he cleans the cat box (i will gag); he convinces me to go on our semi-nightly walk; he pretty much does anything for me that would require me to get off my ass. I count my lucky stars for this, and I wonder if he will ever get sick of it.

*if you didn't notice the hyper link, this is Brad's comic website. Go visit him.

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