Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lay offs

I am feeling tired and stressed. They are doing lay offs at my work and it is really fucked up and scary. It started yesterday completely out of the blue and no one knew who would be next. I sit right next to the room which they were taking each person in to offer them a severance package, so I kept watching friend after friend going in there. I kept waiting for my turn, but it never came. I think they are done.

In reality, I wouldn't have minded if I was one of the ones laid off. Having five weeks of paid time off sounds nice, but I hate getting a new job. I hate interviews; they are so fake. I would hate not having insurance. I hate having to try to immerse my self in the cliques that have already been established. But it would be nice to work with people more my age. I am pretty much the youngest here.

I wonder what stupid bullshit moral booster they are going to try and get us to do now. "Yay! Be happy, we still love you!!" the company will try to tell us, but now we know that we are never safe.

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