Friday, February 29, 2008

quarterlife (remember not to use capital letters)

I watched that new show quarterlife last night and I just don't think I can buy into it. We all know I love blogs and "alternative" people but that main character, Dylan (wow, what an alternative name!) and her roommate (with glasses, how alternative!) are so damn skinny I can barely watch them. I find them completely unattractive.

Also it annoys me that everyone is pining after each other. If I like someone I overtly flirt with them or do really obvious things like asking them questions about themselves and actually listening (just ask Brad, after I started asking him all these questions about his family he said he knew then that I liked him). I don't just pine away and hope they realize their feelings too and then they will come tell me they love me! Well I used to do that; in jr. high, when I would listen to Dreaming of You by Selena and get butterflies thinking that tomorrow in school the guy I was crushing on would randomly tell me he loved me and my life would change. I guess I'm a little too realistic in that sense, if I don't think a crush is ever going to like me back, I get over it real fast. I don't like to waste my time and feelings on someone who doesn't like me back. (of course celebrity crushes are the exception, I will always love you Alan Rickman)

Then the two main guy characters are already douche bags after one episode. Danny (is that his name?) cheats on his girlfriend and obviously only went to film school to make a commercial success of himself. I don't understand how him and Jed are best friends, they don't seem to have much in common. Of course many girls will think that the sensitive artist Jed is a cute boy who just needs to be loved; but no, he is also a a**hole. He is a pretentious artist who is selfish and can't be observant enough to see that Dylan is in love with him and he has a hissy fit when Danny won't shoot the commercial the way he wants. Blegch.

I don't like any of these characters. I will give it a couple of more episodes to see if it changes

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Pablo said...

It didn't seem that horrible, There are worse shows you can waste your tome with that will make you wish your eyes were stabbed out.