Monday, August 04, 2008

The epitome of Summer

This Saturday was great. Amber and I laid out in our backyard for about 30 minutes. We had the sprinkler on and listened to Abba. The only thing missing were Popsicles.
Half an hour may not seem like a lot, but here in Phoenix, that caused us both to be right on the cusp of being burnt. Thankfully I wasn't burnt, but I do now actually have some tan lines and my legs aren't so white that they seem green/blue due to my veins showing through my skin (no lie).

Then later that night Brad and I went to the third birthday party for our friend Yami's daughter. It was at a park where we grilled meat, had a water gun and balloon fight, and I left the park soaking wet. Unfortunately I was sad because all I could eat was potatoes with salt/pepper/mustard, a burger with no bun, potato chips, and a lot of pickles*. God, I wanted a Dr. Pepper so bad, and also potato salad, mmmmmm, drool....

The one frustrating thing with Yami's party is that it was supposed to start at 4:00 pm, and it did not start until about 7:00 pm. I am one of those people who is usually on time and if I am a few minutes late I start getting really worried and stressed out. Yami is one of those people who doesn't even leave his house until 4:00 pm and then realizes he forgot stuff and has to go back, and "oh yeah, I have to get ice from wal-mart".... super frustrating for me, but I really should have learned by now and not have shown up until 5:30. Live and learn.

*I am doing an elimination diet. If you haven't heard of that, it is a cheaper way to find out if you have any food allergies. For three weeks I have to give up: wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, corn, nuts, eggs. Then after three weeks I add one item back at a time to see if I react to any of them. I have been doing good; but only because I can still have rice and potatoes. My meals consist of meat, veggies, and rice or potatoes. I have been doing good, but I have been a little lax in the sugar department. I would probably rather die than have to give up sugar.

I have looked to some vegan recipes because they will not have dairy or eggs, but then they always have wheat or soy in them. I made some coconut rice yesterday and it was so so good. I want to cook with coconut milk everyday!

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