Friday, February 06, 2009

In which I limp all around San Francisco

My foot has been hurting for awhile, more specifically my heel. When I get out of bed I am limping for a while, if I walk for long distances I start limping. I finally figured out that I most likely have plantar fasciitis. You know what made me figure it out? This awesome ad that I saw in the Sky Mall catalog on the flight to San Francisco in October (I totally want this by the way!)

But what I just realized today (yes, I am stupid) is that wearing tennis shoes, or more supportive shoes helps. So as I have been walking around for the last few months in my flimsy converse shoes and flats with no arch support, that was probably making it worse. I was just being stubborn. Now I need to find some pretty shoes that actually have arch support. Any ideas?

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Emma said...

i think new balance are pretty cute and always comfortable... check these out...