Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Insulin-Resistance Diet

There have been a few changes in my diet and in my life!

1. I am still dieting, but not really doing the south beach thing anymore. I did the no carbs for two weeks and did lose ten pounds. I went to the library and got a few books on Insulin Resistance, which is what i have and what causes my PCOS. The book I am most following now is The Insulin-Resistance Diet. The main principle is to link and balance protein and carbs. I always eat protien with every meal and can only have 30 grams of carbs per meal. This will keep my insulin from spiking. If I have extra insulin in my body, it gets stored as fat. It has been very easy to do so far.

The IR diet doesn't restrict which carbs to eat, but I am taking some ideas from other books and my own knowledge and trying not to eat "bad" carbs. So yes, I could drink soda as long as I eat some protien with it, but I would rather not. The carbs I am mostly eating is whole grain bread, fruit, and I haven't yet, but probably lentils, quinoa, and brown rice. I have been drinking/eating a lot of dairy for my protein; about 2-3 glasses of milk per day with my meals, and string cheese with fruit for snacks.

I am still not doing so great on the exercise front. It is so hot here that I don't want to even go outside! I did blow up my exercise ball that I have and did about ten minutes of the DVD that goes with it. It is so hard!

2. We were trying to get pregnant this month (not sure why since our insurance just ran out and we have no money) and took clomid. I did ovulate but did not get pregnant. I know this because... I actually am on my period right now! I am very excited about that, that is the second best thing to being pregnant. Seems weird right, but that is because I rarely have a period normally and will go months without having one. That is a symptom of my PCOS. So I had a relatively "normal" cycle of 33 days. That is amazing, and is just a motivation to keep on this lower carb diet. If I can lose some weight and ovulate on my own, I should be able to get pregnant totally naturally!!!!!!!

3. But we will not be trying for a while now because... I just signed up for cosmetology school!!!! I start on June 23 and it is a ten month program. Unfortunately I found out that although I will get loans to pay for the schooling, they do not give any extra loans for living expenses, so I will most likely have to get a part time job. I am going to have to try hard to eat right while I am there for eight hours a day. I will probably have to bring a cooler with me will lots of good snacks like hard boiled eggs, string cheese, fruit, and veggies.

Well wish me luck, I will still try to update every week

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