Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To Grandmother's House We Go

My mother showed me zillow.com. You can look up your home's value and any home you want. So we looked up houses we have lived in before, like the Shea home in 5th grade on Cathedral Rock Dr. Then we looked up the home on Cholla Canyon which is directly across the street from Esperanza Elementary School (which I was the first graduating class of btw). That house was first owned by my Grandma, and then my Dad after she died. I lived there off and on since I was little. I have some of my best childhood memories in that house and that neighborhood.

So would it be really weird if I wrote a letter to whom ever lives there now and let them know that if the EVER plan on selling the place to contact me. Is that crazy? Would they think I am majorly cuckoo? Do you think I am, internet? Are you judging me already?


Anonymous said...

Shannon, this is the internet speaking. Yes, you have completely gone off the deep end. They will think they will get a restrainin order against you.

your best friend, the internet

flyabuv said...

Wow, thank you Internet. I am so glad I can count on you for your honesty. You are always there for me. <3

Anonymous said...

you're welcome

the internet