Monday, July 10, 2006

Shape Up!

So, I have a subscription to SHAPE magazine. Don't ask me why, I do nothing other than look through it, think about getting up to exercise, and then turn House Hunters. But this last month's issue had a great idea that I thought I should mention.

I know everyone likes to watch tv or listen to music while exercising, but one SHAPE success story mentioned how she always listened to books on her Ipod. That is something I could get into. Unless it is something I can continously sing too, I lose interest in listening to music while exercising. But concentrating on a book's plot would keep me from looking at the clock every 15 seconds.

So that's it, I need and Ipod and I will be skinny! Amber, we will be able to wear bikinis next summer like we've been promising for 8 years!

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