Monday, July 10, 2006

Mr. Barnes

When we are at the grocery store and I scan my Safeway Club card, but then Brad pays, they always call him Mr. Barnes. Then we look at each other akwardly because we don't know if we should correct them, because they really don't care. I find it kind of endearing, only because I think it makes Brad feel weird.

I have to do that at my job on the phone, anyone that calls you must get their name and use it in the following sentence. I hate it though because when I call in somewhere and they say, "How can i help you Ms. Barnes" I get very annoyed. You don't know me, stop saying my name!!!!!! So I get uneasy because I have to use people's names while talking to them. I am scared that I will make a mistake and call a woman sir, or vice versa.

btw if you don't know me it might help to tell you that my last name is Barnes, but Brad's is not.

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