Monday, July 03, 2006

Never gonna grow up

I must admit, I love tween/teen movies and books. Everytime I go to Barnes and Noble you will probably find me in the Juvenile Fiction section. Books like A Great and Terrible Beauty, Gossip Girl, Melanie Martin goes to Spain, anything Lois Lowry, and all the classics.

The latest movie that I rented was Aquamarine. I loved it. It made me cry and laugh. Ok, yes it had a stupid joke about a shell phone, but it was still cute. Emma Roberts is going to be effing gorgeous. I wish I was a mermaid, I always have ever since The little Mermaid.

Don't try to tell me you didn't put your legs together and swim like a mermaid/dolphin when you swam, because I still do sometimes.


Ariel said...

You must read FEED:

My fave young adult fiction ever. Geeky and creepy and brillant.

flyabuv said...

I actually read your post about Feed and added it to my amazon wishlist. When I did it said I would like Speak also, which I read and loved, so I am sure I will love Feed.