Friday, July 28, 2006

Movin' on up

We are moving in two weeks and I am very excited. Last year when I moved out of my Mom's I could fit everything in my Ford Ranger. I had a twin bed, a dresser, bedside table, a bookshelf full of books, a couple of boxes of memories, one lamp, and two bags of clothes. Now after living with Brad for a year we have three times that, enough to completely fill a two bedroom apartment.

Right now our apartment is in a great location, but it has no patio, no W&D, and no pets allowed. It is also very dark, since we have to keep the blinds closed to hide our illegal kitty. Since our rent was going to raise to $650 we decided to find something better because it wouldn't be that much more expensive. There didn't seem to be much left in Tempe that wasn't turning in to condos or that actually had a washer/dryer, but we actually found a place. It is a place where we already have friends that live there, and we are actually going to be only a building away from them.

We get 100 more square feet, another bathroom, a washer/dryer, a patio, kitty friendly, more sunshine, and about 200 feet away from a grocery store and a Target. This is all for $100 more a month and only a couple miles from our old place. Since I've seen the layout I have been dreaming of the furniture arrangments. I am looking forward to this fall when all the windows will be open, the sun streaming in, a breeze blowing through the house, me reading on the couch eating grapes and my cats (we hope to get another one) bird watching in the windows.

This will be the first place that Brad and me have lived in without a roommate, even though the roommate has been gone for 10 months. I am excited to start building a home with Brad. I am thankful for hand me down dishes and furniture, but i want to start buying things that are not just good for right now and more good for the long haul.

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