Friday, October 03, 2008

Eight Days Until the Wedding


Things I need to do:
* make play list for CD favor, make over 100 of this CD, find way to package CDs. Have packaging and am in the process of making all of these
* call and reserve a margarita machine. I'm not going to rent this. I am just going to have margarita's made in a punch bowl and people can pour it over ice.
* get the marriage license Done!
* convince wedding parties to dance a certain first dance with Brad and I (Amber had a great idea and I don't want to spoil the surprise)
* figure out who will give speeches and let them know. Still wondering about this. I know Billy and Christy will give speeches, but not sure who else.
* send pictures of site to my wedding coordinator (my aunt) and worry about where tables and chairs will go Done. She convince me to have a program so that adds to the list
* call party rental place today to get PA system and runner. Done!
* Design a program, should be easy. Take it to get printed at kinkos
* Make track listing for the cds. Take to kinkos
* Do my hair like I think I want it, take pictures
* go to Ulta and have them show me how to do my make-up, buy some new make-up
* get everything together that Brad needs to take to the site the day of (plates, cups, etc.)
* pack for the one night we will be staying in a hotel

We decided that on Sunday night, the day after the wedding, we will move our bed to the new apartment and sleep there. That way we start our new marriage in a new place and hopefully will never have roommates again (not that I don't love my current roommates!).

Also I want to mention the griddle we got. I cannot wait to use it. We are not opening any of our presents to use until we move and it is hard. I want to make a grip of pancakes on that thing.

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