Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Brad and I got the keys to our new apartment on Friday (the day before the wedding) and spent our second night as a married couple there (the first night was at a hotel). I love our new apartment; the layout, the locations, the light. On Monday we bought a new couch from Macy's. This is the first couch I have ever bought from a store, previously all my couches have been hand me downs or craigslist purchases. It is also great because we do not have to move either of the old couches from our old house, we will just have the new owners pick them up from there. Here is our new couch:
Unfortunately it will not be delivered for a couple of weeks so we have no living room seating until then. We are also looking for a couple of chairs or ottomans. Ikea here we come. I am excited to actually decorate this place. I have never really hung things up on the walls of my apartments before or gotten any accesories but I really want to this time.

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bradagenda said...

Damn 'Macy's' and their false delivery promises!!!