Friday, July 20, 2007

Hon Machi Sushi

mmmmmm, shushi!

Brad and I wanted to eat sushi last night, but we are also slightly broke trying to save for the move. Solution: Hon Machi. I first went to this place a few times with my friends Billy and Christy and loved it. Sure it does not have the fancy psuedo-Asian decorations like Ra or Kona Grill, but it also doesn't have their prices. Also those places are too loud and snooty. Hon Machi is very laid back, but it is also on a lake so you can see the water from wherever you sit. Those times we went with another couple, it was about $60 total.

But wait it gets better; Mon - Thurs from 5-7 pm, they have Happy Hour prices for drinks and certain rolls. Thankfully they are all my favorite rolls. So last night Brad and I ate way too much, 6 different rolls, which is about 40 - 50 pieces. Our total, not including tip was $25.01.

You should go there

P.S. If you like fabric, there is also a quilting store right next door to browse in afterwards.

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