Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Catch and Release

This post is liable to spin out of control with tangents. You have been warned.

We rented the movie, Catch and Release the other night. I did like it, and cried of course (I always do). I don't think I have to tell you that my favorite part was Kevin Smith. I have always had such a huge crush on him, and I always will. He is so smart and funny and cute. But there were two things I didn't like about this movie.

First, the love interest, Timothy Olyphant; I used to be very attracted to him, especially when he was in that one Sex in the City episode. But now he is just creepy looking. His expression never changes, it is always that smirk with teeth that are too white. Is he happy? Annoyed? Horny? I can never tell. Stop smirking! Also, if he was a rich Hollywood director guy, I can tell you right now he would not have that disgusting hair cut. Those kind of things annoy me.

Here comes a spoiler; but this is a romantic comedy so it's not that hard to guess what happens.

Second, I was upset that the dead fiancé cheated on Jennifer Garner's character. The other woman, Juliette Lewis said, "It makes sense that she's perfect because when he was with me he always seemed like a kid on vacation; like he could really be himself." That makes me so so angry. Why would he marry someone that he couldn't be himself around?

I seriously think a lot of guys are like this. They feel that they "should" get married, and so they find a "suitable" wife that they are attracted to and convince themselves that they are in love. They get married, check out emotionally, and have affairs and such.

This is why I definitely believe in sex and co-habitation before marriage. I don't think you can really connect with someone and know if you are in tune with them and their lifestyle unless you live together. Especially if you have one of those guys who like to think that girls don't poop, or fart, and always wear make-up. I really hope you don't have one of those, but they do exist. Or what if his mommy alway did his laundry and cooked for him and he is going to expect you to do the same? You need to know this before getting married.

I read this article about the 12 things you should ask your significant other before marriage. They are things like how we want to raise children, how our faiths will interact, do I like your family, and household expectations (chores and such). Personally, in my relationship, I already know the answers to all of these questions, we have talked about them through out the last two and a half years. I feel that if these things have not already come up and you have to sit down and ask for these answers, then you are not ready to get married.

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