Monday, July 23, 2007

That one movie with Sigourney Weaver

Something that I find so funny is when characters on a T.V. show are trying to figure out a movie and one of the characters was in that movie.

Probably because then I can show off my mad movie game skills. The movie game (yes a very original title I know) is like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. With a group of people, one person starts by naming a movie; then the next person names a actor in that movie; then the next person names another movie that that person is in and so on. You can't do repeats. If someone doesn't know another actor or movie, they can challenge and that last person to answer must know another actor or movie. If they don't, then they are out; if they do then the person who challenged is out.

I could always play with my movie theater friends because we were all movie dorks. But when I play with my friends now (most of whom are guys) they always name 80s wrestling stars or action movies. Those are my only weakness!

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