Monday, September 08, 2008

33 days until the wedding

The only things I did this weekend are buy hosiery and an outfit for Brad for the rehearsal dinner. He had no khaki pants and only has like one dress shirt. I accidentally bought a really long shirt for him that was made for tucking in. I think it will still work, but we are not "tucking in" kind of people. Brad didn't even go with me, he totally trusts me to buy clothes he will like, it is awesome.

This weekend was pretty fun. Friday night Brad and I went to First Friday (a monthly art walk) with Brandon and Amy*. We went to an amazing restaurant, MacAlpine's, which is a soda shop/ antique store that has been open since the twenties. They we went to the Phoenix Art Museum (which I had never been to) and heard an awesome band, Colorstore, one of the members was playing a saw with a bow, it sounded amazing (whoa, I just found out they are playing with our friends' band Japanese Monsters at the Yucca Tap Room soon, yay!). Then we walked around to all the galleries and handed out fliers for an upcoming show that Brandon and Brad are playing at. I got a snow cone, we walked a lot, and it was really hot.

Saturday night we went to a house show in the middle of the desert which was a fundraiser for our friend Chris Knight. He is a long-time friend of Brad's and he will be having a kidney transplant done in a few weeks. He is in full kidney failure right now and has dialysis done every other day. This is a young man who is only in his mid-twenties and just got married last year and has a baby on the way. Thankfully and amazingly enough, he is getting his new kidney from his Mother-in-law. I get teary eyed just thinking about her generosity. I am just so happy that we were able to raise over $800 for his growing family this weekend. If anyone would like to donate money just let me know and I can get the info to you. The night was super fun. Especially when our friend Robin got drunk and started hitting on our married friend Christy. Robin is one of our youngest friends at 23 and Christy is only 28. His best pick up line ever, "You are so sexy, no matter how old you are. I want to take you out to Garcia's" Brad laughed until he cried. So funny.

Sunday, Brad was hungover and we didn't leave the house. Amber made Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. God were they good! I had never had Red Velvet cake and I really like it. Amber is going to be making all the cupcakes for the wedding. Brad and I also watched a Buffy disc from Netflix (season 3 disc 1). Great weekend.

Two weeks until my shower, five wees until the wedding

* Brandon and Brad make comics together. Brandon makes comics on his own but he also writes stories and then Brad draws the comic. Brandon and Amy are very similar to Brad and I. On their latest comics, their bios each go something like this;
"Brandon lives and works in Phoenix, Az. He lives with his soon to be wife Amy and their two cats Fruits and Vegetables."
"Brad lives and works in Tempe, Az. He lives with his soon to be wife Shannon and their two cats Beans and Rice."

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