Thursday, September 18, 2008


One really important thing I need to start doing is to wear an apron when I cook. It seems silly but I have so many shirts that are ruined with grease stains because i stand so close to the stovetop when I cook and I get oil spattered all over me. I don't even realize it at the time, but then I wash the shirt and wear it again and then notice in the bathroom mirror at work that I have stains on my shirt.

Basically I leave the house without even looking at my outfit in the mirror and I usually look like crap. So these things have been bouncing around in my head and I need to write them down so I don't have to think about it until after the wedding.

Things to do to revitalize my wardrobe:
1. Wear an apron or pajama type clothes while cooking
2. Go through clothes to check for holes, stains, and ill fitting things and get rid of all of those items (this will be a lot of things).
3. Buy lots of new shoes. Try Payless and Famous Footwear clearance. Not just flats, get sandals and boots.
4. Buy more skirts.
5. Buy more blouses. I don't need more t-shirts or tank tops, I need nice blouses. Try kohl's, Lane Bryant clearance, Target clearance.

Notice how I say clearance a lot. I always have trouble spending a lot on clothes, it makes me feel guilty.

Notice number four. I have just recently starting loving skirts. I never wore skirts in the past. I always go for comfort and thought I would hate being in a skirt; but I found I love knee length skirts. I have bought four new skirts in the last few months and I love them. Oooh, I can wear skirts with new boot and perhaps colored tights in the winter. That is acceptable right?

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