Thursday, September 18, 2008

Low Carb

I remember in 2002 I tried the Atkins diet for a few days. Sure I liked eating a lot of meat but I love carbohydrates and sugar. Which really became apparent to me last week when my doctor told me I have high glucose levels (or maybe it was insulin). The normal is between 2 and 25 and mine was at 24. Yikes! There is no way I want diabetes. I don't eat unhealthy really. I make most of my meals and try to eat a balanced diet. But I am eating too many carbs and sugars. Carbs actually turn into sugar and are very bad for people with diabetes and high glucose levels. I was looking around online for a good menu plan and found this one. Which I don't think will work for me because the normal meal they have has about 65 grams of carbs and my doctor wants me to only eat 35 grams at each meal and then 15 for snacks. But that is doable I think. Looking at that menu I can totally see cutting out the toast for breakfast (there is already oatmeal), maybe the crackers or one of the pieces of bread on the sandwich at lunch, and the roll at dinner.

I also found a great menu on the Food Network website. But that one doesn't show the grams of carbs per meal so I am not sure.

Also my doctor recommended taking a teaspoon of ground flaxseed about ten minutes before eating each meal. This really helps regulate your blood sugar, makes you feel fuller so you will eat less, and also has a lot of fiber so you will poop better. We are so poor right now though that I haven't gotten to Whole Foods to get it. But I will go shopping this Sunday and buy it and start on this diet. I have already started cutting out sugar and carbs, but I really want to have a menu planned out an not deviate from it. Wish me luck!

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