Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin

no, no, no, no, no.... I guess I'm glad McCain picked her because I hope it will hurt his campaign, but if they win; holy shit I do not want them in office. She is an anti choice, anti gay, anti sex education, and pro book banning. I congratulate her on her new baby and her daughter's baby on the way, but I know if I had a baby especially at a younger age, my mom would probably be helping me a lot. Is she going to have time for her growing family if she becomes the vice president? Many say this is sexist, but there is one area where men and women are unequal; we can give birth, we can sustain our children with our breasts, her husband can't do that. Just the fact that she would want to go back to work three days after giving birth makes me not want to vote for her.

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Sarah D said...

AMEN sister!!!

Things are fishy all around with Gov. Palin. Why rally around this woman who appears to me to be rising to the top of the "Bad Mother of the Year" list.

I would have stood up and applauded had she told McCain, thanks, but no thanks. I have to take care of my special needs baby and my teenage daughter needs me now, for you see Mr. McCain, I am an American, but I am a mother first."