Thursday, April 27, 2006


I made one of my first major purchases as an adult last night...... a vacuum. Not just like the other vacuums I've had, which all cost under $50, this baby cost $200. It is amazing. I vacuumed last night and it has this light that turns from Red (dirty) to Green (clean) to tell you when you can stop vacuuming that spot. Lets just say that i did so much vacuuming on my little patch of apartment carpet that I am actually sore today. But that could just be because I am out of shape.

Maybe this will help with the weird smell that seems to be in my apartment no matter how much I clean, it was probably due to the ancient crumbs that set up camp in the depths of my carpet.

p.s. Brad's mom is in town and he hung out with her last night. I know this will sound lazy and spoiled (i am) but doing things by yourself is hard. I bought the vacuum and went grocery shopping and then had to carry everything up the stairs. Yet another reason for my soreness.


Amber said...

Why on earth would you spend $200 on a vacuum cleaner?

denise said...

amber- didn't you read what shannon wrote? the vacuum tells you when the floor is clean!! it's got different colored lights - it's practically a robot! plus it's like having your own personal trainer at home since it makes you keep vacuuming until you are sore.

shannon- i am extremely jealous of your new super-high-tech multi-colored-light-flashing magical-robotic-vacuum.=> denise

flyabuv said...

Well $200 was the median price. I didn't want a cheap one for $100 and I definitely didn't want a dyson for $400, so I went for the middle price. I plan on keeping this vacuum for years and running it into the ground. Just like my cars.

Becky said...

Me too the green monster has totally got me. What kind of vacume is it? I NEED one. hehehe

I'm sorry you've gotta do stuff on your own. Getting old is a drag. hahahah

love ya honey!!!!!!