Friday, April 28, 2006

Dear Oprah

Now that I have dvr, I have been watching Oprah every day. I realize that all she does is make me cry. Every. Episode.

Yesterday was pretty bad (I think it was Wednesday's ep.). She talked about Africa and all the genocide going on in Sudan, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Uganda. There were pictures of dead people and the talks of rape and cooking people alive and feeding them to other people.

In Uganda the children must walk like 5 miles every night to be locked in overnight or else they could be kidnapped by the Rebels and forced to kill people and be raped. Then they walk home 5 miles every morning. They do this every day. They are called the Night Walkers.

Tear :*(
It made me so depressed because all I knew nothing about this stuff and there is not much I can do except give money. And it makes me angry because our media is for SHIT!

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