Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I have been reading my old diaries from junior high and high school. I am so different then I used to be (thankfully), but it made me so sad to see how I acted and was treated.

I really was such a flirt and a make out slut. This was in the summer of 1999 between my sophomore and junior year of high school. I worked at a movie theater (yes I am a movie nerd) and every few nights I would be making out with a different guy. But then I would complain about how my guy friends didn't respect me and everyone talked behind my back. It's no wonder.

I'm not saying what they did was right but I wish I would have stuck up for myself more and not put up with their shit. Or maybe not made out with so many guys.

But I don't regret it because I am happy to have gotten it out of my system then instead of now in my early twenties. I have an acquaintance that was in a relationship all through out high school and college and now that she is free, she is going wild. I think there is a lot more at stake in our twenties than then in our teens.

Now I am in a long term relationship that I can see lasting forever. I have already seen what's out there and I know that Brad is all the love I could ask for.

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